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Are Students still interested to Study Abroad Survey says yes.
According to a recent survey, Students tend to move abroad for their study plans, while pandemic has hit the nations badly.To our surprise, there is an increase in the percentage of study abroad aspirants according to the recent survey. While going through the reports to understand the pattern of students who want to move abroad for their education plans, th...
study abroad, recent survey, move abroad, international universities, students, abroad, study - Posted by globaltree - Posted 22 Days Ago

Quebec’s Aging Population Leads to Demand for 80,000 More Immigrants
The province of Quebec is in requirement of twice the number of immigrants it is currently targeting, in order to sustain its strong and growing economy, In the recent past, Quebec, which is the second-largest province in Canada had welcomed nearly 50,000 people who had applied for Canada immigration, each year, ranking only behind Ontario as the largest hos...
canada immigration, 80 000, new immigrants, recent study, quebec, province, immigration - Posted by globaltree - Posted 11 Months Ago

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program – Record Number of Invitations Issued To
The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program conducts draws periodically for candidates who are in the federally managed Canada Express Entry program and have expressed an interest in living in the province.The Canadian  province of Saskatchewan has invited up to 1,000 Express Entry candidates who have specific work experience to apply for a provincial ...
express entry, work experience, saskatchewan immigrant, provincial nomination, express, entry, candidates - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

Canada Immigration - 350,000 New Immigrants to Be Added By 2021
Keith Ambachtsheer, the director emeritus at the International Centre for Pension Management has emphasized on the urgent requirement for new immigrants in the country, According to him, the country needs immigrations for various reasons. The average age of the Canadian population is rising as life expectancy is increasing and the birth rate is declining.&nb...
canada immigration, 350 000, year 2040, positive effect, increase, immigration, canada - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

Trump Impeachment and Its Impact on US Immigration Policy
The past week has seen some rapid and ground breaking political activity in the United States. Nancy Pelosi, House democrat leader, has announced a formal impeachment enquiry into the 45th president of the United States over allegations that he was trying to coerce a foreign government into interfering in US elections for his benefit. It is a serious charge,...
us immigration, united states, impeachment enquiry, formal impeachment, impeachment, us, trump - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

Canada Immigration - New Brunswick Set for Record Increase in Migrant Intake.
The government of New Brunswick has called for a strategy developed to bring about significant increase in the number of immigrants to the province over the period of the next five years. This increase in immigration numbers would hopefully help to address the social and economic challenges of its population. The new population growth strategy is expected to...
new brunswick, canada immigration, population growth, province over, province, new, brunswick - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

Study in Australia – Best Courses For Post-Study Job Opportunity
The Department of Home Affairs in Australia, had made some important changes to the Skill Shortage Occupation List in the beginning of the previous year. These changes have created a shift in the list of popular subjects that are preferred by international students who study in Australia.The universities in Australia are known for their academic excellence...
job opportunities, top courses, post study, job prospects, study, job, engineering - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

Germany Job Seeker Visa – Importance of German Language for Finding a Job
There is a doubt in the minds of many Indians who move to Germany on the Germany job seeker visa, as to whether you need to know how to speak German fluently to land a job in the country.Many immigrants who arrive on the Germany job seeker visa are keen to know whether the Germany job seeker visa requires one to know the German language fluently. We attemp...
seeker visa, job seeker, germany job, german language, visa, seeker, language - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Best Campus Traditions for Students Who Study In Canada
All work and no play is not good for anyone, especially students who spend long hours poring over massive books and cramming for exams. That’s probably why colleges all over the world have fun traditions of their own, which allow the students to take a much deserved and fun-filled break from work. International students who study in Canada, too get to ...
campus traditions, pumpkin sacrifice, iron rink, best campus, students, university, traditions - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

5 Best Tips to Find a Job on Germany Job Seeker Visa
The Germany job seeker visa is a special visa that allows you to live in Germany and look for a job for a period of six months. If you find a job within the stipulated six months, you would ask your employer to sponsor you for a work permit, while if you sadly do not find a job within the six month time, you will have to return to your home country. Of cours...
job search, seeker visa, job seeker, germany job, search, job, germany - Posted by globaltree - Posted 1 Year Ago

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