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NASA plans to get real close to the sun
    In what seemed like impossibility, NASA is planning to get closer to the sun through the use of an unmanned spacecraft the size of a car which they will send into space. This move is not just to get a craft to space as is usually the case but to get it closer to the sun than ever before. This car sized space craft is called the solar...
solar probe, probe plus, sun s, space craft, sun, solar, probe - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

The Truth about Common Salt and Iodine
Salt is an essential part of our daily diet. Often times we take it for granted because it is always there. There are things you may know about salt which are essential. For example, do you know that salt contains iodine which is essential for proper body metabolism?Do you also know that iodine deficiency is the greatest cause of mental retardation in the ...
thyroid hormones, iodine deficiency, woman s, up becoming, iodine, thyroid, salt - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Major Signs And Symptoms Of Iodine Deficiency
The number one major sign of iodine deficiency is the presence of an enlarged thyroid gland in the neck. This is called goiter. The sizes of enlargement vary vastly from small, hardly noticeable, to a really gigantic one which causes obstruction in the breathing passages.  The second sign is a slowed mental and physical activity. Visible depress...
iodine deficiency, thyroid gland, worked trying, whatever little, iodine, salt, fish - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Check Your Eating Habits
If you only eat when you are hungry, there are chances you will have less trouble reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people are not in touch with the hunger signals but only eat in response to stress and emotional triggers. To successfully lose weight you have to get in touch with those forces that form your eating habits. That is, how ...
eating habits, healthy weight, eating habit, don t, habits, eating, eat - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Obstacles To Weight Loss That You Can Overcome
It is common to find ourselves occasionally lose track of our weight loss program and gradually slip into old patterns of unhealthy eating and minimal exercise. You can expect it to happen and still have a plan in place to recover when it does. These tips can help you deal with occasional weight loss set backs.?take charge and accept responsibil...
weight loss, loss program, yourself lose, yourself afresh, yourself, weight, loss - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Early Morning Exercises You Can Do While On The Go
It is not unusual to feel so frazzled that you sometimes let days or even weeks go by without fitting in a workout.  Lack of regular exercise not only leaves you feeling weak and fatigued, it may increase your health risks and will even find those your unwanted inches creeping in on you. The solution is to find a way of fitting in fitness into your li...
work out, between exercises, workout every, weight loss, out, minute, exercises - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Morning Exercise: Is It Making You Eat More?
You have started the year off by revving off your exercises and this is good news. But you find out you are not losing the weight you set out to lose. This is bad news. The the pounds are not melting off it is probably not the fault of your workouts. It be that your intensive workout routine is makig you eating more. There is a research that suggest that wom...
short intense, after exercise, year off, wouldn t, exercise, calories, fat - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

3 Easy Ways To Lighten Up
There is more to fitness than loosing weight. It is no use having a great body if you are unhappy. Maybe you think that loosing weight will cure your unhappiness. Well, it does not always work that way. You are going to tend to all areas of your fitness to be happy. Here are 3 easy ways to lighten up: Walk with weight. That is exactly rig...
lighten up, extra weight, lose weight, loosing weight, weight, up, body - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Dancing Can Make You Stay Young
Dancing is a form of recreation. It is quite enjoyable especially if you know what you are doing. I want to look at dancing in a different light; as a means to work out and make you stay young. The truth is that when you move your body and feel confident physically, it permeates your whole life. Dance takes you away from your routine. You come to a dance...
dance class, stay young, work out, wide open, feeling, dance, dancing - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

Fitness And Your Child
I am going to talk about fitness for children. When we talk about exercise it is not only for adults, children are also involved. By the time kids are 4 and 5 years old; they have mastered their basic movement skills such as jumping, walking, and running and have lots of energy to put those skills to good use. During these years they will continue to ref...
year old, 5 year, physical activity, least 60, child, skills, activity - Posted by golden - Posted 10 Years Ago

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