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Analysis of the Current Status of World Cassava Starch Processing Equipment
Tapioca starch is the most basic and important processed product of cassava. It is widely used not only in the food processing industry, but also in the metallurgical mining, construction, textile, cosmetic, toothpaste and paper industries. Especially in recent years, with the advent of modified starch, tapioca starch is increasingly favored by consumers. At...
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How to Choose Cassava Starch Processing Equipment Manufacturers?
How to choose cassava starch making machine company? Anyone who wants to buy a cassava starch processing line has its own standard practice. Although the cassava machine industry is a traditional industry, there are not many companies that make cassava starch equipment, and many companies are small. At present, there are mo...
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What is the Market Prospect of Sweet Potato Deep Processing?
Sweet potato is one of the world's major food crops and one of the four major crops in China. China is still in its infancy in the research and comprehensive development of the sweet potato utilization project. Most of the sweet potato products stay in the rough processing of sweet potato, sweet potato vermicelli and sweet potato starch. The value that ...
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Application of Starch Drying Machinery in Potato and Arrowroot Processing
The starch material that has been dehydrated usually still contains a large amount of water. According to the nature of the starch material, the water content is generally between 35% and 45%. Dehydrated materials cannot be stored or transported for long periods of time. Drying is also a powdery shape, which has the characteristics of long drying time and no...
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Help You Quickly Understand the Potato Starch Equipment for Plant Construction
1.Process2.Production capacitySmall-scale processing: 1.5-2 tons / hour, 3-4 tons / hourMedium-scale processing: 5-6 tons / hour, 6-8 tons / hour, 8-10 tons / hourLarge-scale processing: 15-30 tons / hourThe above processing amounts are based on the amount of processed fresh potatoes per hour. If the production volume of 7, 12, 20, 30, 50 tons of produ...
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Principle and Process of Sweet Potato Starch Production
Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn, red glutinous rice, etc., is an excellent raw material for starch processing. The sweet potato starch production process is actually a physical separation process, which separates the cellulose, protein, inorganic salts and other substances in the raw materials from the starch. In the producti...
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New Technology of Cassava Flour Equipment and Cassava Flour Production Process
Tapioca flour is also called cassava powder, which is in the form of powder. Unlike tapioca starch, it is the processing of all cassava roots, retaining the nutrient content of cassava, and the nutrition is more comprehensive than tapioca starch. Tapioca flour is mainly consumed.The cassava flour equipment developed by GOODWAY Tapioca Industry is w...
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How to Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sweet Potato Starch?
How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sweet potato starch is a big problem for ordinary consumers. Based on years of research on sweet potato starch, GOODWAY sweet potato starch machine Engineering provides you with the following simple methods to help you easily identify the advantages and disadvantages of sweet potato starch:...
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