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Tips on Home Healthcare Billing for Beginners
Errors and rejected claims in Home healthcare billing cost the industry billion last year. With administrative errors accounting for 86 % of all errors, there is a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes.Here is a list of things to look out for and pay attention to so that you don't add to those alarming statistics in Home healthcare billin...
home healthcare, healthcare billing, constantly changing, practice wants, home, healthcare, billing - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 7 Days Ago

The Most Pressing Concerns in The Field of Pain Management Billing Services
Today, pain management billing services have a lot of room to develop. According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 50 million people suffer from chronic pain (CDC). It accounts for 20.4% of the adult population or one in every five adults. This is much more than the average number of heart disease, diabetes, or cancer pat...
pain management, management billing, billing services, new study, services, pain, management - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 18 Days Ago

How Sunknowledge Services Can Improve Your Hospital Prior Authorization Process
Being one of the complex processes, without the right operational extension and resources, it is quite challenging for healthcare practices to understand the complex prior authorization regulation and its medical policy requirements and expect a faster prior authorization. Now the question is how to find the perfect operational extension?This is where Sunk...
prior authorization, sunknowledge services, operational extension, services inc, prior, authorization, operational - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 1 Month Ago

Fix your Medical Billing concerns with Sunknowledge Services Inc
Being the backbone of healthcare revenue cycle management, achieving a seamless medical billing process today is quite a hurdle.  Even though it is one of the lucrative industry, the medical billing processes have become more complex than ever and so are its reimbursements.Sunknowledge Services Inc:  a solution eradicating all your medical bill...
medical billing, sunknowledge services, services inc, revenue cycle, billing, management, process - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 1 Month Ago

Sunknowledge: The Answer for Increasing Oncology Prior Authorization Needs
According to a study by the National Cancer Institute, the total number of cancer cases has increased from 1,685,210 from the year 2016 to 5 billion in 2010 and more than 6 billion more in 2021. Dealing with such high metrics requires a trained and disciplined approach along with expertise knowledge and someone who has years of experience in the oncolo...
prior authorization, oncology prior, seamless oncology, seamless authorization, prior, oncology, authorization - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 1 Month Ago

Four unique Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services
The denials of claims in medical practices are a common sight for an array of reasons, and if it's not taken care of, may result in significant losses and constant cash flow troubles. Some of the most frequent causes of this matter are incorrect patient records, delayed filing of claims, and insurance termination.Hence, it’s high time to avoid such e...
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Sunknowledge: an Answer for all Complex Ambulance Prior Authorization
Though the prior authorization has been in the billing operation for more than a decade now, billers and coders still often get confused with the ever changing regulation and also with the switching prior authorization rules. This is why it is very essential today to not only have proper process knowledge but also be up to date with the present billing manda...
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Why Outsourcing Your Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior authorization is Essential?
If you are facing a complication in your orthotics and prosthetics process, it's high time that you need an operational extension that helps you with your orthotics and prosthetics seamless prior authorization process while increasing your ROI.Sunknowledge Services the perfect operational extension for your orthotics and prosthetics authorization requireme...
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How to Synchronize Your Orthotics Prior authorization
A lot of DMEPOS suppliers, orthotics providers are under serious stress and face a lot of challenges in reducing their operational expenses. A quality partner that knows how to reduce your everyday operational costs may be a hard find.All you need is a competent pool of genuine practice management team of experts that understands your business worries and ...
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Sunknowledge Services The Key Towards Successful Prosthetics Prior Authorization
Even though the process of prior authorization is one of the oldest methods,healthcare staff still finds it really challenging to manage a seamless prior authorization process. In fact, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have passed a final rule to makes the prior authorization process easy by promoting data sharing, patient access to hea...
prior authorization, authorization process, prosthetics prior, seamless prior, process, prior, authorization - Posted by healthcareus - Posted 2 Months Ago

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