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Challenges in Infusion Billing Services
In infusion billing services, paperwork plays a very vital role during a seamless billing process; as even a single mistake can end up costing a huge amount of money and a lot of time of the healthcare practices along with complicated payment issues.Moreover, studies have shown that the US healthcare practices for their errors in the billing paperwork and ...
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A Better Substitute Than Brightree Billing Services for Your ROI
Sunknowledge Service Inc a medical billing organization working more than 10 years with both payers and providers, has created a place of its own in the medical billing industry. Currently with more than 100 clients, including Medtronic and providing a full front/back end revenue cycle management Sunknowledge Service Inc is a perfect operational extension fo...
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Steps to Maintain an Effective Orthotics Billing Service
Whether patients using medical services are paying their bills out of pocket or using insurance, medical billing plays a vital role in any practice. An error in the billing process not only hampers the financial aspects of the practices but also creates a negative or bad impact for the patients as well.This is why here are the few steps that can be caref...
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Why Sunknowledge Today is The Right Option for Your Orthotics Billing Services
Today due to the pandemic crisis it’s not only the patients who are suffering but also the overall nation’s hospitals are equally seen suffering from significant financial damages. In fact, according to recent data by Kaufman Hall more than 800 U.S healthcare centers/hospitals have significantly shown a decline in volume as well as in revenue.&nb...
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Answer for all DME Order Entry and Pre-billing Problems
Today, almost all DME providers’ faces challenges with front end revenue cycle activities especially activities like documents management, understanding the necessary conditions for eligibility verification and finishing critical DME order entry task. This not only creates disturbance in the streamline revenue cycle management but also affect the reven...
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Sunknowledge, a Pioneer in Orthotics Billing
Sunknowledge Services Inc has been the past, present, and future of medical Revenue Cycle Management in the United States of America. The US medical industry revolves around the patient, provider and payer nexus, which has been flawlessly handled by Sunknowledge since 2007. In the process, it has gained unmatched experience in the field of medical billing in...
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Orthotics Billing as Specialized by a Top Medical Company
Sunknowledge Services Inc has been a pro in Orthotics Billing since the longest time ever after its inception in the year 2007. Orthotics refer to artificial medical goods used for relaxing neuro muscular pain on the practicing physician’s prescription. The various orthotics items which are dealt in by Sunknowledge are as follows.Splints. Bards a...
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How The accuracy Rate in The DME Billing Process affect The Revenue Generation
The DME medical billing practice every year witness a low payment rate that is approximately 39.9%, which drains out USD 3.2 Billion from the Medicare Fund every year. This primarily happens due to medical billing errors, according to CERT (Comprehensive Error Rate Testing). In fact this error rate is thrice the overall National Medicare improper r...
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A Complete Medical Billing Assistance for Your Cpap & Bipap Billing Problems
Sunknowledge Services Inc is a complete medical billing and collection Services Company, offering to stand alone/ end to end practice management to more than 28 specialties.With our outstanding billing support and keen understanding of the recent industries mandate we today, are the part of the operational extension for leading medical billing and collecti...
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Motorized Window Treatments – Magical Touch to Home Décor
Window coverings are not just a decorative element of your interior décor, they are a necessity! Just think of your window without any shades or blinds! You would have such a discomforting atmosphere at home without any separation between your space and the annoying elements from outside. With a proper window dressing, you can move in y...
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