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Hollie Williams

Hollie Williams

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If Your Stress Levels Are High, Your Risk for Pancreatic Cancer Can Increases As
The newest study has shown that acceleration of pancreatic cancer’s development can happen due to excessive stress. This is caused by the release of fight or flight hormones from the body. In consequence, the usage of Beta Blockers, which is a medication used for the inhibition of those hormones, managed to improve the survival rates of a mouse who suf...
pancreatic cancer, beta blockers, newest study, excessive stress, pancreatic, cancer, stress - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 2 Years Ago

Why Charities Help to Raise Awareness for Pancreatic cancer in Texas
Pancreatic cancer presents high mortality rates in the U.S. The statistics are quite alarming, and that's why charities and foundations in Texas strive to change these statistics. They have set out to not only raise awareness of the disease but to also find ways to help detect it early and enable its cure. They organize tours around the country to help educa...
pancreatic cancer, raise awareness, presents high, mortality rates, pancreatic, cancer, awareness - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to Overcome Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Researchers have developed drugs to shrink pancreatic tumors by blocking the pathways used by cancer cells. They have focused their research on finding the best treatment strategies that can help prolong the survival of pancreatic cancer patients, including new drugs that can be used in clinical trials. Over 90% of patients with pancreatic cancer carry a m...
pancreatic cancer, cancer cells, pancreatic tumors, specific resistance, pancreatic, cancer, pathways - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 11 Months Ago

Research Strategies for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer
Early detection of pancreatic cancer increases survival. Until now, there has been no established method to find the disease early. This is because the pancreas' location in the body makes it hard for health care providers to locate early tumors during physical examination. Eligible patients undergo surgery for their long-term survival. But most of them get ...
pancreatic cancer, early detection, treatment option, onset diabetes, pancreatic, early, cancer - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 1 Year Ago

Texas Charity for Pancreatic Cancer Survival
The pancreas regulates blood sugar and helps in digestion, making it a vital organ in the body. Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate in the United States of America. Statistics have shown that almost 94% of pancreatic cancer patients die within five years of diagnosis, while 74% die soon after being diagnosed with the disease. Only 6% of the popu...
pancreatic cancer, texas pancreatic, vital organ, regulates blood, pancreatic, cancer, foundations - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Use of Physics to Improve Pancreatic Cancerís Early Detection
The knowledge of the study of the magnetic moment of elementary particles is applied in the earlier detection of pancreatic cancer. Physicians have developed new imaging for early detection of cancer through innovative research; they have developed new strategies that will translate into useful technologies in the future. How is Physics used to enhance pancr...
pancreatic cancer, early detection, cancer cells, magnetic moment, pancreatic, cancer, technology - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 1 Year Ago

Treating Pancreatic Cancer
It is important to be honest about the facts. Treating pancreatic cancer is an uphill task. So far, between 20 and 30 percent of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed early enough to use surgery for treatment. And among those, only about 20 percent can be cured. This is as a result of the pancreas and its natural tendency to fight chemical ...
pancreatic cancer, treating pancreatic, cancer cells, uphill task, cancer, pancreatic, patients - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 1 Year Ago

Should You Get a Second Opinion for Pancreatic Cancer?
Is seeking a second opinion worth it? Sure, it does because there are a few cases of wrong diagnosis. Many options are available depending on your stage of cancer. Having another specialist check your diagnosis will boost your confidence and enable you to receive treatment the right way. It is vital to determine the tumor stage from the onset through imagi...
second opinion, pancreatic cancer, wrong diagnosis, opinion worth, second, cancer, opinion - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Three Early Pointers for Pancreatic Cancer
The symptoms of pancreatic cancer don't usually show when the disease is in its early stages, making it difficult to diagnose. In case the symptoms show, three early pointers reveal themselves, and it’s important you know them. To completely avoid pancreatic cancer, one should be aware of the causes of this disease.Pancreatic cancer starts showing symp...
pancreatic cancer, three early, risk factors, pale colored, symptoms, pancreatic, cancer - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 2 Years Ago

How Inhibiting One Protein Could Help To Treat Pancreatic Cancer
New research from Genentech, a biotechnology company in South San Francisco, CA, published in the Journal of Cell Biology, reveals that targeting an enzyme that makes pancreatic cancer cells more aggressive by silencing some of their genes, could make the disease more easily treatable. Focus of the study: The study focuses on an integral element of cance...
pancreatic cancer, cancer cells, mesenchymal spectrum, epithelial mesenchymal, mesenchymal, epithelial, cells - Posted by holliewilliams - Posted 2 Years Ago

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