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Get fantastic sounding vinyl Records in Australia
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  • Custom Vinyl Records - Get custom vinyl records in Australia, from the labels to the grooves. Make your own vinyl records on-demand with your desired music, colors, patterns, and finishes.


Published 1 Month Ago
Tips for Packaging and Shipping of Vinyl Records
Get your vinyl records packed and shipped safely withImpress Vinyl. With 20 years of experience, we offer affordable service to vinyl lovers.

Published 1 Month Ago
Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Vinyl Record for the First Time
If you are having trouble setting up your new vinyl record, this blog lists out some simple tips to get you started and avoid the common mistakes.

Published 1 Month Ago
12-Inch Vinyl Record Format: A complete History
Are you a music connoisseur? Explore vast selections of premium, top-notch, custom-made 12-inch Vinyl records & more with leading customer services.

Published 1 Month Ago
Things to consider if looking for Vinyl Record Pressing in Australia
We're here to make vinyl records spin, not your head. You can trust our top-notch vinyl record pressing in Australia to make your custom vinyl record a reality.

Published 1 Month Ago
How to get your music album pressed to a vinyl record in Australia
Get your music pressed on vinyl record by Impress Vinyl, a custom vinyl pressing in Australia that creates top-notch custom vinyl records for music lovers.

Published 1 Month Ago
Know the process of pressing Vinyl Records
Get to know the process of pressing vinyl records by Impress vinyl & experience the warmth of listening to your favourite artists or music through this medium.

Published 1 Month Ago
How to make your own vinyl record in Australia
Get high-quality vinyl records on-demand with custom cover art, jackets, sleeves and packaging by our skilled and experienced engineers, delivered free in Australia.

Published 1 Month Ago
7 Essential Vinyl Record Accessories to Improve your Listening Experience
Top vinyl record accessories from getting the best possible sound to maintaining your collection. Visit Impress Vinyl to press your favourite vinyl.

Published 2 Months Ago
Half-Speed Mastering: What it Means with Vinyl Records
This blog talks about Half-speed vinyl, a trend fast catching with music enthusiasts. Impress Vinyl is a one-stop solution for your vinyl pressing needs.

Published 2 Months Ago
How Long do Vinyl Records Last? How to Extend its Lifespan
Always place Vinyl Records vertically to avoid warping. Know such fascinating tips from Impress Vinyl to preserve your vinyl records for a long-life span.

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