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Published 11 Days Ago
The Footsteps of Saint Paul in Greece
The apostle Paul, also known as the apostle to the nations, is one of the great figures in Christian history, as well as an important teacher of Christian belief and theology.

Published 4 Months Ago
5 Good Reason to Visit Rome
Rome is the base for much of European culture. The Roman Empire spread its language, religion, and customs throughout the continent.

Published 1 Year Ago
Why You Should Visit Italy This Year?
Italy is a mandatory stop in the life of every global traveler. Whether it is for being a beautiful world cultural center or for being an impressive delight for gastronomic pleasure

Published 1 Year Ago
10 Faith Based Christian Sites to Visit
The place where Jesus was baptized has become a pilgrimage site. Today the Jordan River is the natural border between Jordan and Israel.