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A Look Back in Time: The Artisan Turquoise Collections by the Navajos
A Native American culture still bubbling in the urban era, the Navajos and their skilled artisan jewelry today are timeless contributions of the bygone days. Inspired by their exuberant tribal culture, the Navajo jewelry in the form of trinkets, earrings, and spectacular Native American bracelets mirrors the spontaneous tribal lifestyle in the year...
navajo jewelry, urban era, timeless contributions, still bubbling, turquoise, navajo, jewelry - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 6 Months Ago

Navajo Art: Perfect For Coffee Mugs
Starting your morning with a cup of coffee sounds perfect! While for some coffee has become an energy drink, others drink it to stay up and focused while working. Many of you may not know but coffee has amazing health benefits as well. This elixir is a wonderful antioxidant and has an awesome brain-boosting ability. Coffee lovers often have favorite mugs as ...
coffee mugs, navajo coffee, stay up, sounds perfect, coffee, navajo, mugs - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 3 Months Ago

Understanding The History Of Navajo Pottery
Navajo pottery can be traced back to the 16th century. While the tribe is recognized for their beautiful art forms such as weaving and sand painting, they weren’t really known for pottery. It always remained a craft that held less significance. Additionally, unlike other Native American tribes, the Navajo were not traditionally what you would call arti...
navajo pottery, traditional navajo, sand painting, navajo pots, pottery, pots, navajo - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 9 Months Ago

Native Navajo Symbols & What They Stand For
Navajo, one of the timeless Native-American tribes to flourish, had a spectacular cultural backstory to tell with their priceless fine arts mirroring the zeal the Navajo culture believed thriving in. A medley of tribal tones formed the foundation to every Navajo fine art piece accentuating the Native American feel to the item. In fact, everyday items depicti...
fine arts, navajo symbols, navajo fine, native american, navajo, fine, symbols - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 8 Months Ago

Truths about the Giving Culture in the Navajo Community
The act of giving varies from culture to culture. Although the traditions and values among the Native Americans may vary from tribe to tribe, the emotions around this act are very much consistent. The Navajo community is one group of Native Americans who follow communal values and lay more emphasis on the importance of giving. Navajo people believe that gene...
native americans, navajo community, native american, giving culture, navajo, native, giving - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 7 Months Ago

What is Medicine Bag in Native American Culture?
The medicine bag is one of the most significant objects in traditional Native American culture. Most tribes have a keeper of a medicine bag, known as a medicine man, to hold numerous items like herbs, seeds, and stones for various purposes and rituals. The medicine bundle contains objects of importance to keep the owner protected or give spiritual powers.T...
native american, medicine bag, medicine bundle, american culture, native, medicine, bag - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 1 Month Ago

Must-Know Things About Navajo Patterns
There is no exact pattern that is followed when it comes to Navajo weaving. It is more about reflecting a spiritual journey existing between the weaver and his work. In spite of that, there is a basic aesthetic that is profoundly visible in Navajo weaves. The earthly tones of red, black, brown, and grey are reflected across Navajo textiles. This choice of co...
rug designs, navajo weaves, navajo crystal, navajo chiefs, navajo, designs, spiritual - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 17 Days Ago

Features of Hugely Admired Navajo Rugs
As the second-largest tribe in the United States, Navajo tradition has certainly captured the attention of not just the States but the whole world as well. Their weaving tradition goes back hundreds of years in the past and its uniqueness still finds admiration in the visual arts. There are items such as coin purse, wallets, mugs, jewelry, and whatnot sold o...
navajo rugs, whole world, united states, second largest, rugs, rug, navajo - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 5 Months Ago

3 Ways In Which You Can Support Native American Artists
Native Americans have always had to fight for their culture and their land. Whether it is activities like logging and mining destroying their sacred land or cheap imitations of their art making its way to the markets, they have a deal with constant threats to their identity and livelihood. As consumers, we are capable of giving them the recognition they dese...
native american, native artists, american art, american artists, native, artists, art - Posted by jasminmaclean - Posted 2 Months Ago

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