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How To Manage Inventory For Your Jewellery store
As an owner of a jewellery store, your inventory is the core of your business. You must have an idea when and how much you need to stock your jewellery. If it is holidays, Christmas, Black Friday, Valentines day and mother’s day then your inventory must be filled with the right jewellery. But many times things don’t run smoothly as your inventory...
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Online Marketing Ideas For your Jewellery Business
If you have a jewellery store then you know how difficult it is to sell jewellery and if you have started a new store then you have to forget about it in the first few years if you don’t have the right marketing. If you are thinking to distribute postcard to neighbours, post an advertisement in the newspaper will be the perfect marketing for your store...
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3 Jewellery Ideas to Attract Your Target Audience
Jewellery customers want to get treated very well if you want to sell jewellery. Selling jewellery is an art and it can take time for you to understand on how to sell your jewellery. But with some experience and some tips, you will be able to sell your jewellery easily. You need to gain their trust, confidence and loyalty. These three things are very basic t...
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How to find a Wholesaler for Your Jewelry Business?
Even if you are a small jewelry retailer, having a list of the best wholesalers in your town can save you from running into other retailers to stock your products. Acquiring wholesale products at the lowest prices is the key to success in retail business irrespective of the niche you are dealing in. If you are looking for a wholesaler for the first time, fol...
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An Unforgettable Customer Journey with Jewel Pin
Belonging to a small village in England, I never thought I could become a popular jewellery designer. It was my childhood dream to sit in my store selling the most-sought designs and move to the nearby town afterwards. Our locals could spare only a generous amount of money on fashion. Selling a large number of accessories in one go was a daunting task to acc...
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