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Jitesh Manaktala

Jitesh Manaktala

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Expert Tips to Hire a Wordpress Developer
Wordpress has attained a huge popularity in the online business and website designing industry, these days. From being a blogging platform, it has successfully emerged as a powerful website developing platform and the most powerful open source website development platforms. It may sound impossible but Wordpress currently powers millions of websites online. N...
wordpress developers, wordpress developer, website development, reputed company, wordpress, website, developers - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

7 Major Tools For Android Developers
The modern age Android Developers are lucky to have the opportunity to use a variety of tools that facilitates them develop varied mobile applications for Android platform. These brilliant performance oriented tools are categorised into two groups:Platform Tools – These can be customized in a fashion to support latest Android platform features.SDK To...
platform tools, android developers, works towards, debugging tool, tools, tool, platform - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Reasons Offshore PHP Web Development Ensures Amazing Benefits
PHP or the Hypertext Preprocessor Language plays a crucial role in building modern day, dynamic, websites and various useful applications. The language helps conveying different services, products, and ideas offered by business owners online. PHP can also be defined as an efficient programming application that works in accordance with other prevalent languag...
offshore php, php developers, amazing benefits, php development, php, offshore, development - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Serious Mistakes An Android Developer Must Avoid!
The present age android application development market is booming. People these days prefer using Android over the most popular platforms such as iPhone or other smart phones. This preference has been due to Android's ease of use and interactivity of apps. According to reports, it has been revealed that the modern Android application market is on its peak. S...
developers tend, android developers, android application, ui design, developers, app, android - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

PHP Developer ? Hire the Best for your Company
Advancement of technology has also increased the competition among web developing companies and even web developers. Existence in market has become a struggle. Only the most advanced, equipped with latest skills, and best of strategies can survive. Hypertext Preprocessor also known as PHP has emerged as a very strong contender in the present age competitive ...
php developer, scripting language, source development, since php, php, easy, best - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

6 Strong Reasons Wordpress Development is Mandatory For Any Online Store
WordPress is commonly used for creating blogs and websites. The demand for this platform has increased in the past few years. Since it is mainly based on PHP and supports MySQL, the users benefit from an easy to use and performance oriented CMS system.Listed below are 6 reasons Wordpress development is mandatory for ecommerce websites:1. Huge Variety of ...
online store, wordpress development, user friendly, source platform, wordpress, platform, online - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Expert Tips for Android Developer to Ensure Success with Android App Development
Android is an Operating System by Google. It has emerged as one of the most favourite of both developers and consumers. The unmatched flexibility offered by the system has made it extremely popular among people across the globe. It also offers an amazing array of features that boosts smart phone experience for end users.Presently, Android phones is a hot f...
android apps, android app, yourself updated, user friendly, apps, android, crucial - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Hiring Php Developer ? Understanding the Major Benefits
Whether it is about building a highly informative website for business or complex feature-rich website and application for a vast corporation, PHP makes for a perfect choice in all respects. However, this needs to be done by experts holding vast experience in the industry. Hiring a professional PHP developer will offer you many benefits. Here are so...
php development, php developer, php experts, major benefits, php, hiring, business - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Reasons to Hire an Android Developer
These days, android powered phones and hand-held devices ensure the best of convenience to its users. Google has introduced the best of user experience. No wonder, Android is deemed as number one choice by both users and developers.Hiring an experienced developer will help you build the best of application. Listed below are some of the major reasons you sh...
android developer, experienced developer, developer means, android applications, developer, android, application - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

Importance of Hiring a WordPress Website Designer
Hiring the best designers for WordPress websites may be a real challenge to follow. With the increasing demand of Wordpress websites these days, a lot of web designing companies are looking forward to offer business to clients. With so much these companies offer and claim, it is difficult to choose one that is the best. Finding a professional yet affordable ...
wordpress websites, wordpress website, website designer, search engine, wordpress, designer, best - Posted by jiteshmanaktala - Posted 4 Years Ago

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