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Effortless Connector for solar panels to make the wiring easier
Solar power generation technology is used to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy. This technology is increasingly growing day by day. We all are familiar with Photovoltaic panels, solar panels or solar arrays. These panels convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy by means of a proper arrangement. When the sunlight strikes the s...
solar panels, jc4 pv, suns energy, pv connector, solar, connector, panels - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 2 Years Ago

F-Type Suppressors readily availing safeguard to communication systems
F type Surge Protection Device basically belongs to the family ‘Signal Surge Protection Devices’. The F type surge protectors dedicatedly offer the combined protection to the power supply unit as well as the equipment cascaded with it. The equipments and devices involved in the transmission and reception of data communication system and signaling...
communication system, tv receptors, surge protectors, surge protection, communication, system, surge - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 1 Year Ago

Protect LEDs by arresting the surges
Surges and transients are very common into lines that are very hard to eliminate. These can be diverted to the ground by our Surge protection devices. Surge protectors are a function of voltage spikes that protects our electrical and sensitive appliances from surges. It attempts to limit the voltage applied to the device and transfer the excess unrequited en...
surge protection, protection device, lightning surge, led lightning, surges, surge, protection - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 3 Years Ago

Thunderester Air Terminal: A Wise Approach against Lightning
Lightning is very abrupt and unpredictable calamity that it can fall over any high or low rise buildings as well as trees without any proclamation. Recently, a Church was struck by lightning located in the mountainous region of Nyanguru, near the southern borders. In that weather accident, at least 16 deaths were recorded. According to the local mayor, Habit...
down conductor, thunderester air, air terminal, protection system, lightning, conductor, thunderester - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 2 Years Ago

JAM LITE ? The conductivity improver compound for earthing installation
The grounding system is the concept that is used since antient times for the dissipation of fault current to the ground. For limiting the damage to equipment and also for the safety of human, earthing installation is mandatory. Each of the component used in the installation shows its effect. It depends on the type of grounding conductor used and the moisture...
earth enhancement, enhancement compound, soil conditions, jam lite, earth, compound, soil - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 1 Year Ago

Exothermic Welding Procedure: Would meet Your Jointing Requirements
Sooner or later everyone has faced difficulties in jointing related connections whether it is loosening of joints, corrosion or anything else. But they are unaware from the fact that an effective method of welding which fulfill their needs is also available in the market accepted worldwide namely exothermic welding system. The process is simple, quick and ea...
jam weld, exothermic welding, withstand repeated, weld powder, conductors, mold, welding - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 2 Years Ago

Maintenance Free Grounding Module for Your Home
“Home sweet home”, most of the people believes in this tag line as the house is the only place where one can relax himself after a hectic day from office or after the full day shopping tiredness. Our home is a place which gives an intuition of safety and comfort. People these days invests a lot in order to build their dream house. But hold on! Wh...
pit covers, fault current, maintenance free, made up, earthing, copper, rod - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 2 Years Ago

In the world full of advance technology is now having an advance earthing or grounding system which is no more complicated and this is none other than a super earthing kit - the ideal solution for earthing system.Thus, the kit comprises many elements that are listed below:Solid Rod- This kit consist the solid rod made up  of stainless steel that u...
super earthing, earthing kit, solid rod, telecom towers, super, kit, earthing - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 4 Months Ago

Thunder PRO safeguarding by offering restriction to critical lightning strikes
Before learning about the advance technology for lightning protection, you need to know why would they be used. The lightning rods provide protection to your facilities, buildings, businesses, organizations, heritage structures, etc. Here in we would be discussing on the technology strides over last few decades that exist for lightning protection providing g...
air terminal, thunder pro, lightning protection, pro air, protection, lightning, air - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 1 Year Ago

Protection using the maintenance free backup plan
An electrical fault or any electrical issue when detected, the grounding setup installed will avert this excess amount of faults to the ground. This diversion of faults is a necessity to avoid any case of electrocution. Highly sensitive and sophisticated machineries need such a setup for its continuous and safe operation.To establish a secure path for the ...
maintenance free, steel rod, free earthing, copper bonded, earthing, copper, maintenance - Posted by jmvexim - Posted 1 Year Ago

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