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How Dog Bite Settlements Work
A dog bite settlement is an agreement between the victim and the dog’s owner to solve the case outside of court. This means that the two parties will decide the compensation amount, without the victim filing a lawsuit or perusing a trial. Court trials are typically time consuming and may result in harsh penalties, such as putting the dog down. This is ...
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FAQs for Elevator and Escalator Injuries
About 30 people die because of elevator or escalator accidents in the U.S per year; additionally, around 17,000 people face serious injuries. Statistically speaking, elevators are far more dangerous for commute as compared to escalators. Surveys and studies show that 90% of deaths and 60% of injuries in this scenario are associated with elevators. People wor...
escalator accidents, personal injury, elevator accidents, wrongful death, injuries, escalator, elevator - Posted by josephfranks - Posted 1 Year Ago

How Commercial Vehicle Accidents differ from Regular Car Accidents
What is a Commercial Vehicle?‘Commercial Vehicle’ is an umbrella term; it includes delivery vans, taxis, company cars, RVs/travel trailers, trucks, mobile construction equipment, and vehicles that are designed to carry more than fifteen passengers. Precisely, any vehicle used for commercial purposes qualifies for this category. Commercial vehic...
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How to Defend a Debt Buyer Case
If you have debts that are meaningfully past due, you likely have or will at some point relate with debt buyers. Several of our clients are unaware of what debt buyers are and that the procedure for defending a debt buyer case is different from that of an original creditor or collection agency. If you are one of those facing a debt collection lawsuit from a ...
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What is Probate?
Probate is the legal procedure of collecting, establishing and distributing a person’s assets and estate after they have passed away. The probate at its essence is the handling of a person’s problems, such as paying off debts or bills and distributing the remaining possessions to heirs and beneficiaries.Probate initiates with a court petition t...
deceased persons, avoid probate, probate procedure, persons name, probate, assets, persons - Posted by josephfranks - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Living Will: What It Is And Why You Need One
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a common worry is that you may not be prepared if you become seriously ill. It is only natural that at times of hesitation we do what we can to retain some measure of control, and take action towards the things that can provide us with a sense of security or peace of mind. Preparing a Living Will, especially as part...
life sustaining, sustaining treatment, vegetative state, terminal condition, living, life, treatment - Posted by josephfranks - Posted 1 Year Ago

Procedural Errors That Can Be Grounds for an Appeal
Many Veterans are initially denied disability benefits, but then approved on appeal. If your application is denied, you may be able to appeal based on procedural errors made by the Veteran’s Benefits Administration.Appeals on Medical Examination IssuesWhen there is insufficient medical evidence available, the VA is required to provide a medical exa...
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Importance of wearing seat belt and its laws
While the number of deaths and injuries rising from car accidents has significantly reduced over the years, there are still thousands of people who lose their lives every year. In the past cases, the leading cause of road accidents was poor vehicle safety features, but that’s not the case anymore. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Admini...
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If you’ve been arrested and accused with a Kansas criminal offense, you no doubt want your ordeal to be over as soon as possible with the lightest available penalties forced. To that end, you may be tempted to enter into an agreement with prosecutors to beg guilty to your charges. By entering into a plea bargain, you think you can escape paying legal f...
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Who Keeps a Home During a Massachusetts Divorce?
When a person is starting the procedure of divorce, it’s not unusual for them to wonder if they’ll be able to keep the home that they lived in with their spouse while married. Getting a home can be one of the most significant moments of a person’s life and its reasonable why both parties in a Massachusetts divorce would want to keep their m...
marital home, massachusetts divorce, divorce proceedings, most significant, home, divorce, ownership - Posted by josephfranks - Posted 1 Year Ago

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