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2 problems when sourcing products from China
So you’ve chosen to source products for Amazon from China - great choice! Here’s my look at the top three problems you may run into when sourcing from China. Related article: How to Source Products From China on Alibaba for Amazon FBA? In my opinion, the top 3 problems are:1. Communication2. Overestimating Profit: N...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

China Sourcing: Shipping from China to US
Our focus in this article will be to discuss the process of shipping from China to US, some of the different shipping methods, and why you should choose China Sourcing agent.It has been a lot of workload of finding the suppliers, and you may benefit a lot from having a reliable China sourcing agent. Therefore you hope the shipping will go smooth as the las...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

How suppliers can play to avoid QC inspections
Inspections take place just before shipment. What type of issue does this create? And how can an unscrupulous supplier take advantage of it to avoid inspections?Chinese suppliers know when a shipment is urgent–the buyer is usually pretty clear about it. They also know that some importers value on-time deliveries over virtually everything else. Why? B...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

10 Electronic Markets You Should Know In Huaqiangbei China 2018
When you Start to your electronic business, Huaqiangbei market is the most important, each year, hundreds of thousands of people make their tour to Huaqiangbei Shenzhen, where gathers all China wholesale electronics supplier can find here.Here, it’s the heaven both for geek and for a business owner.But when people will confuse at their first visit to H...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

Guide to Successfully Ordering and Approving Samples from Potential Suppliers
Be 100% Sure Before You Approve the Final Sample The quickest way to ensure your new, exciting product gets poor reviews and suffers a high return rate is by not carefully examining and testing the factory samples that you received prior to production. Guaranteed. Ordering Product Samples from a potential supplier should be standard operati...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

3 reasons why a million American companies choose amazon
There are two very different views about the impact of Amazon's development on small business in the US: The first is that, while Amazon is a global leader, it has destroyed countless small businesses. Mr Donald Trump has written a complaint against Amazon for causing huge damage to tax retailers, with many towns and states in the United States losi...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

5 main tips about China sourcing
Here are my 5 tips when sourcing in China: Selecting the right supplier upfront is the single most important step in the sourcing process. Starting a relationship with the wrong supplier can be catastrophic. So do your due diligence and verify your supplier BEFORE you place the purchase order. Use your research skills not your negotiation s...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

Best Way to Start Sourcing Products from China
Sourcing your products from China becomes a key challenge, as China can be difficult to navigate, especially for new importers. Mistakes in the early stages of importing can drastically impact the future potential of your business.The best way to mitigate the risks of improper procurement is working with a sourcing agent.What are the options for procur...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to Improve Amazon Ranking?6tips!
When you've made all the right moves, like identifying a consumer need, finding a reliable supplier, and creating an Amazon listing, it can be frustrating when the sales don't come pouring in as you had hoped.The fact is, you could have the greatest product in the world but if people can't find it, they can't buy it.The key to being a stro...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

China Packaging: How To Protect Your Goods
Whenever a package arrives in the mail that is damaged or broken the postie is often blamed. However, most damage is caused by poor quality packaging. Packaging is often overlooked but it is a fundamental part of any import. Properly packaged goods will withstand almost any postal service in the world. Leeline sourcing and other professional co...
Posted by kimary - Posted 1 Year Ago

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