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Published 9 Years Ago
A Synopsis Of Multivision Screen And Technology.
It is now a world of multitouch technology, where you can change from one page and visual to the other with just the touch of your fingers. Today, you must have heard of multivision screen that is a kind of fixed frame screen suitable for all situations

Published 9 Years Ago
A Multitouch Table From Kioskkorea Energizes Your Commercial Space.
The unique multi-touch technology transforms an ordinary wall, retail window, counter, or bar into a user-friendly and interactive computing surface that allows people to use their finger and hand gestures to access information, interact with multimedia

Published 9 Years Ago
LED Display Panels In Hoardings And Billboards Help In Highlighting Your Adverti
LED displays are now the modern trend and everywhere you look you can find instances of LED’s and their phenomenal lighting brilliance. Consisting of light-emitting diode the LED display panels together bring the effect of lighting specialities.

Published 9 Years Ago
LED Display Panels herald a World of New-Age Technology.
In a world where display technology has grown in leaps and bounds to one’s wonder, the idea of LED display panels incorporate a stream of light-emitting diodes that are applied as video display. To aptly define, an LED panel is described as a

Published 10 Years Ago
Buy High Level Touch Screen KiosksFrom Kiosk Korea To Give The Ultimate Boost To
The world of advertisement and marketing is changing too quickly. In order to keep pace with the rapidly increasing competition in the market, corporate houses are opting for more and more sophisticated technology based innovative ways of advertisement