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What are Operating Expenses? (Explanation) - Ledger Bench
Operating expenses are incurred by businesses to keep the business going, includes staff wages, supplies not include manufacturing cost. Operating expenses does not include manufacturing cost or cost of goods sold (direct labor, material, manufacturing overhead) or capital expenditures (building or machinery) What is included in Operating expenses?F...
operating expenses, operating expense, non operating, manufacturing cost, operating, expenses, cost - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 12 Days Ago

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Regarding PPP Loans Amidst Covid-19
In the wake of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), the United States has conferred an additional 0 billion funding to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that was almost running out of funds in April. The importance of PPP is ever-important in these times of economic uncertainty as PPP is one of the few opportunities that...
ppp loans, ppp loan, loan forgiveness, small businesses, ppp, payments, loans - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 13 Days Ago

What is Vendor Reconciliation? Ledger Bench
What is vendor reconciliation - definitely accounts related job. It’s part of accounts payable activity where one has to reconcile vendor balance in his books of accounts.The vendor reconciliation process in AP is a procedure aiming to clear misstatements and errors that might’ve occurred during the period between the last reconciliation a...
accounts payable, vendor reconciliation, vendor balance, reconcile vendor, vendor, reconciliation, accounts - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 16 Days Ago

A Beginners Guide to General Ledger LedgerBench
A general ledger is the backbone to your accounting activities. Read the blog to know what it is, how to maintain & it benefits your business. Ever since business and trade continue to exist in the modern-day world, so do General Ledgers! Whether the mode to assemble one’s business financials was on an abacus, on paper, or in the current day world ...
general ledger, entry bookkeeping, double entry, general journal, transactions, ledger, general - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 17 Days Ago

Ethical Accounting and How to Practice it?
What would you do if one of your clients owed a huge amount of money in back taxes and they subsequently asked you to delete their QuickBooks® file, create a new one under a false name with no liabilities on the books and tell their creditors that they had moved out of the country?That may seem pretty far-fetched, but the shocking truth is that this ac...
ethical accounting, valuable accountant, worth statement, wont allow, business, valuable, ethical - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 20 Days Ago

How Financial Preparation Services Can Help You?
With student debt being higher than ever before and a record number of student loans falling into default, it’s become clear that people need assistance with paying down their student loans. No one wants to start their post-education lives struggling under the weight of crippling debt, but many do. Companies like Financial Preparation Services have mad...
preparation services, financial preparation, loan repayment, repayment schedule, services, repayment, preparation - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 27 Days Ago

What is IRS Form 4562? Depreciation and Amortization Definition
IRS Form 4562 is used for filing tax returns, it’s an amortization and depreciation form. Depreciation refers to the calculated loss of an asset though its working life span. Amortization refers to an expensive purchase whose costs must be spread out over a number of years to lessen the impact on a company’s profit for the tax year ...
bonus depreciation, irs form, form 4562, salvage value, value, form, depreciation - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 1 Month Ago

What is IRS Form 1099? All about 1099 - Ledger Bench
IRS Form 1099 is the IRS form for filing taxes. It is used by companies to report payments made other than salaries, regular wages or tips which are reported through W-2 form. The 1099 form is generated by the payer and must be sent to the payee by January 31st of each year, to reflect transaction amount from the previous year. There are many types of...
irs form, form 1099, 2 form, fill out, payments, irs, form - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 1 Month Ago

7 Crucial Steps for Small Business Growth in 2020 - Ledger Bench
“If we are growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”Quoted by John MaxwellThis is never more true in the world of businesses. This year you may have planned different growth strategies but pandemic has taken a turn over all your decisions, it has prevented your business from seeking its full potential. But certainly, t...
small business, business growth, growth strategy, financial forecasting, small, growth, business - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 1 Month Ago

What is a Business Continuity Plan? | Ledger Bench
The unanticipated Corona outbreak has left the global economy and businesses in a state of anarchy. While businesses are still trying to figure out the best way to survive during these tough times, a Business Continuity plan can be their best bet to pull them out of this crisis. So let’s discuss in details what is a BCP and how it can be of...
continuity plan, business continuity, unanticipated corona, tough times, plan, continuity, businesses - Posted by ledgerbench - Posted 1 Month Ago

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