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Life Positive

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  • Best Reiki Healing Training - Are you looking for the best reiki healing training? You can visit the Life Positive healing platform which offers Reiki healing training at very affordable prices.
  • Best Theta Healing Training - Find theta healing training on our healing platform which provides the best theta healing training at very reasonable prices with our certified theta healing experts.
  • Online Palm Reading Courses and Workshop - Life positive is the best healing online portal which is provide online palm reading courses and workshop with our best palmist at very reasonable cost.
  • The Best Life Coach Training - Life positive is online platform for life coach training if you want to join then visit our healing platform for life coaching training online.
  • What is Yoga - Symphony of Body and Mind - Want to know what is yoga? Yoga is an oasis of serenity with the complete package for a healthy body. Yoga repairs the internal aspect of the health issues.


NLP Training in Mumbai Unveils Astonishing Benefits of NLP
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, aka NLP, is an astounding approach to communication that believes in the connection between neurological processes, language and the behavioral patterns of an individual, which can be altered to achieve specific goals in life. It suggests that our neurological processes, i.e., the thinking processes and our linguistics, i.e., th...
nlp training, neuro linguistic, linguistic programming, nlp helps, nlp, us, programming - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Here's What They Teach You at Palmistry Workshops in Delhi
Ancient occult science, Palmistry is the art and science of reading palm lines and revealing the past, present, and future of a person. While a lot of people consider palm reading as a fun game, only a few people could understand the complex art involved in palm reading. New aspiring palmist often seek a good workshop wherein they could understand this art a...
palm reading, term course, palmistry workshops, long term, workshops, palmistry, workshop - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Best Acupressurists in Delhi Unveil Five Main Acupressure Points
Whenever something or someone hits us quite hard, we unconsciously start pressing the place where it hurts and many a time this even works for us. This is the quintessence of acupressure. With the acceptance of alternative healing techniques, people are becoming aware of acupressure and are willing to use them in daily routine. Here we reveal five acupressur...
acupressure points, ne guan, various workshops, stomach area, point, acupressure, points - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Angel Card Reading Training in Mumbai: Unveiling Angel Cards
You all might have heard of angels, who come from heaven and are believed to take care of us. Do they really land on earth to save us from the evil? Well, the answer is, ‘Yes’. They do land on earth to help us through every thick and thin. They land on earth, carrying all the solutions to our problems, in the form of angel cards. Angel card readi...
card reading, angel card, angel cards, reading training, reading, cards, card - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Begin your New-Year with Best Advices of Life Coaches
As they say, every end is a new beginning. As the year is going to end soon, new beginnings are about to happen with the beginning of a New-Year. To start with the year, we must acknowledge the fact that life is like a roller-coaster ride. It slowly takes off to the highest peaks and will eventually come down the steep. So, how can we live the life resting a...
new year, life coach, lost faith, life coaches, year, life, new - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Theta Healing Classes in Delhi are Available at Reasonable Rates
The brain has five frequencies: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta, and Delta. Each state triggers a certain kind of behavior in you. The theta state is a relaxed state of can say meditative state. It ranges between 4Hz and 8Hz.The theta frequencyUsually, we are in this state of brain frequency in slumber. It is difficult to come to this state while awake....
theta healing, theta state, healing classes, subconscious mind, theta, state, mind - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Restyle Yourself with Best Five New Year's Resolution Ideas 2019
With each passing day of 2018, the spark of the excitement of the New-year ignites and fills us with the fumes of enthusiasm and positivity. In the excitement of the brand new year, we all decide to become the best versions of ourselves with the start of the year. Hence, we create New-year resolutions so that we can redefine ourselves. So here we are sharing...
new year, year resolutions, new years, ideas 2019, year, new, resolutions - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Meet The Indian With Excellence In Neuro Linguistic Programming
"I don't teach...I facilitate the teacher within you." He is Abhay Thakkar, the best in Neuro Linguistic Programming in India.Do you know? He is the only one in the country to provide certified Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP courses! His courses are recognized globally. John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP, and Michael Caroll and Carmen Bo...
neuro linguistic, code nlp, subconscious mind, new code, mind, nlp, life - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 2 Years Ago

Attaining Self-Attunement with Reiki Healing Courses in New Delhi
Reiki is a miraculous technique that manifests not only healing but also helps understand the deeper meaning of life. The world of Reiki is not just confined to its healing aspect, but it has so many other spiritual aspects, which can bring-in transformation in a person when manifested. With Reiki Healing Courses in New Delhi, the spiritual aspect of Reiki c...
self attunement, new delhi, reiki healing, attaining self, reiki, healing, attunement - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

Angel Card Reading Training in Mumbai: Embrace your Angels
Have you ever wished to have someone by your side in the toughest times? Someone who can look out for you. Someone who can guide you through various sufferings of your life. What if we tell that you always have someone with you every time! Yes, it’s your guardian angel who is always there for you to guide you! You just have to focus on your problem and...
card reading, angel card, angel cards, reading training, reading, cards, card - Posted by lifepositive - Posted 1 Year Ago

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