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Published 20 Hours Ago
How Effectively Is Your Contact Centre Recognising And Handling ‘Moments Of Truth’ In Customer Interactions?
In a recent article of ours, we wrote about the Customer Interaction Cube, which provides a structure setting out no fewer than eight different types of customer interaction, based on factors including the emotional importance, urgency, and complexity of

Published 21 Hours Ago
Should Your Brand Be Using Flash Mobs To Promote Itself – Brand Warriors
As we all know, leading and ambitious brands are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways in which they can spread the word about themselves

Published 5 Days Ago
CIHT Publishes Report On The Important Role Green And Blue Infrastructure (GBI) Can Play Across The Highway Network
Of interest to many transport consultants and those that rely on their services and expertise, will be the recent release of a report by the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT), setting out how the implementation of Green and Blue In

Published 5 Days Ago
5 Ideas For Memorable Canapés At Your Next Corporate Event - TPM Catering
When you are organising a corporate event, there is a lot that you will need to get right – think the venue, the schedule, the speakers or other people who may be present on the day, and so much more. So, with that in mind, do you really need to spend t

Published 5 Days Ago
What Foods Would Be Good For Your Buffet In London - Sophie Wright Catering
Look up the definition of “buffet” in the Cambridge Dictionary, and you will see it defined as “a meal where people serve themselves food that is arranged on a table.

Published 5 Days Ago
The Story Behind Caiger& Co: Who Is AlixCaiger?
While many industries can justifiably claim to be “people-oriented”, there are very few industries for which that is more the case than the catering industry. So, it seems befitting to us to put a spotlight on the personalities and capabilities of our

Published 6 Days Ago
Half Of UK Entrepreneurs Say COVID-19 And The Cost-Of-Living Crisis Have Barely Impacted Their Business
To say that business owners up and down the UK are continuing to fret about the impact the current uncertain economic situation could have on their firms would be quite the understatement. Indeed, we recently reported on the TS Partners blog that escalati

Published 6 Days Ago
5 Things You Ought To Be Doing During The Week Of Your Wedding - Sweet Gibraltar Weddings
Reading blogs on wedding planning like this one, you might become accustomed to the notion that organising a wedding is all about planning many weeks or months ahead – and of course, it typically is about that.

Published 8 Days Ago
Leave Your Property Spotless After Construction Work, With Our Builders Cleans - Nationwide Property Clean
Not all cleaning jobs are the same, for the simple reason that not all properties, and the circumstances in which they may need to be cleaned, are the same.

Published 9 Days Ago
3 Powerful NFT Marketing Channels That You Should Consider - Bitcoin PR Buzz
As of early 2023, even many observers who are not utterly immersed in all things the blockchain are becoming familiar with what non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are.

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