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Louie Lujan

Louie Lujan
Government Relations, Lobbying, Legal
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Louie Lujan Working to Preserve our National Parks
Louie Lujan La Puente Mayor from 2000 to 2011 has always been an outdoor enthusiast. As Mayor, Louie Lujan always encouraged his constituents to get out and hike or enjoy a national park. Louie Lujan La Puente said that National parks are large areas of public land set aside for native plants, animals and the places in which they live. National parks protect...
louie lujan, national parks, la puente, protect places, national, lujan, louie - Posted by louielujan - Posted 1 Year Ago

Utilizing The Assistance Of Louie Lujan And His Business Networks In La Puente
Mr. Lujan guides the state relations function for the La Puente region. He operates with team members of various regional parties on subjects such as outlining, administration and estate use. He additionally holds vast expertise in cannabis management in AZ including CA. Across the way of his more career trajectory of more than 20-years in both state and pri...
louie lujan, la puente, city council, state offices, puente, lujan, louie - Posted by louielujan - Posted 1 Year Ago