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Suggestion to Blade & Soul
I have a suggestion that I'm pretty sure most people would agree with me about. It's regarding the different upgrade powders (Fusion & Elemental/Jewel Powder, that you get from salvaging different items) As it is now only Fusion powder out of the three is tradable, and that's great, but why are Elemental/Jewel Powders not tradable? Most MMORPG will let c...
elemental jewel, jewel powder, warrior tokens, various token, tradable, suggestion, powder - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

Blade & Soul is Pay-to-Progress, Right?
Most people will say that BnS is Pay-to-Progress. Mostly because the vast majority of players who feel it is Pay-to-Win have already jumped ship and no longer touch anything BnS related.If you take the term Pay-to-Progress literally then that's what it is. There isn't anything in the game that you don't have a chance (I believe it's been downgraded to chan...
f2p player, thats my, rng boxes, probably wouldnt, pay, game, bns - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

JP & TW's Soul Fighter Release Event in Blade & Soul
TL;DR: It seems dumb to not do this event in conjunction with the release of a new class. On the JP and TW servers that our version seems to most closely parallel this upcoming event took place at the exact same time as Soul Fighter was added to the game (also following a pre-registration period to additionally get the free insta-45 token for it). It makes s...
soul fighter, new class, insta 45, catch up, event, too, soul - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

Blade & Soul - State of the Game
Everyone has different feelings about playing Blade & Soul, I will give you some players'thoughts. I wish it is helpfull to the new players.Part 1: The game is superb, the combat system is by far the best i've seen in any mmo. The graphichs are awesome, the locations and lore is great, dungeons are original with somewhat deep mechanics not just mash 2-...
playing blade, new players, worth investing, very much, game, still, dont - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

Blade & Soul: HM Draw is Pretty Good
Sunder is completely irrelevant, as is Breeze. HM Draw is pretty good, it nearly doubles the damage of Draw itself as long as you're proccing right(Either the grab one or the KD one work.) but ultimately it's not like... a huge portion of your damage.On the short term, we're not super reliant on our HMs at all. Spin is extremely useful in pvp and gives us a ...
pretty good, hm draw, less meaningless, youre running, hm, though, draw - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

The Division - Medic Build
Today we will talk about Medic Build. Every good team need a medic to finish mission. So Medic Build is important. By the way, if you need The Division Power Leveling, click it.SkillsFirst Aid (Medical)Support Station (Medical)Recovery Link (Medical)ModsOverdose (First Aid)Ammo Cache (Support Station)Talents (in order or priority)Combat Medic (Me...
medic build, good team, every good, combat medic, medic, station, medical - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

Blade & Soul - The Development System (morph) Equipment
Despite the fact that about morph arms and Bagua fragments in Blade & Soul has already been said a lot, we have not yet touched on this topic in the framework of our column "First Steps", which is made for beginners. Morph equipment - principally the development of interesting system, which instead of constant change weapons on the more recent offers to ...
worth noting, resulting experience, particular thing, morph arms, things, equipment, development - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

How to Level Up Fast in the Division
This article will explain how players can level up fast in The Division, as increasing your level is very important. It directly ties to the weapons and gear that you can equip or buy, plus the districts and missions that you can enter and survive in. Increasing your level will also unlock slots that allow you to use extra Skills, Talents and Perks, making i...
security wing, experience points, medical wing, up fast, wing, security, supplies - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

The Division: Where to Find General ECHOs Ⅲ
ECHO 19: Missing, located in the Flatiron District - Go east of Park Avenue and south of East 23rd Street, and look in the alley. Check for some photos and body bags and the ECHO will be nearby.ECHO 20: Buskers, located in the Flatiron District - Go to Union Square (close to East 15th street) and look for folks playing some music.ECHO 21: Snowball, locat...
weapons parts, go east, general echos, flatiron district, west, street, echo - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

The Division: Where to Find General ECHOs Ⅱ
ECHO 10: Power Plant, located in the Warren Gate Power Plant - Check for Riker's leader Larae Barret and you should come across this ECHO with ease.ECHO 11: Lexington, located in the Lexington Event Center. Save the JTF hostages that are being held by Rikers, and you should find this ECHO.ECHO 12: Quarter, located in Turtle Bay - Head to 3rd Avenue betwe...
turtle bay, power plant, murray hill, kips bay, echo, street, east - Posted by luckyowl - Posted 5 Years Ago

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