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The Division: Amherst?s Apartment Guide Ⅰ
In the medical mission, Amherst’s Apartment, you’ll be battling against the Cleaners again as you work to extract an item from the apartment while fending off hostile forces. This is another one of the shorter missions in the game, allowing you to quickly move through it, pick up your experience points and get on to the next mission.By completi...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Blade & Soul: Tips of Beating Blade Dancers as a Summoner
I'm currently in Platinum as a HM1 Summoner (not an amazing achievement due to the sheer amount of bots) but I literally can not win at all against Blade Dancers.If I can manage to not be permastunned by them, if I try to daze (2, C, V, Tab) they will instantly get back up...Even if you are not a Summoner, I would appreciate tips/tricks, as I can not seem to...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Blade & Soul - State of the Game
Everyone has different feelings about playing Blade & Soul, I will give you some players'thoughts. I wish it is helpfull to the new players.Part 1: The game is superb, the combat system is by far the best i've seen in any mmo. The graphichs are awesome, the locations and lore is great, dungeons are original with somewhat deep mechanics not just mash 2-...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

The Division - Medic Build
Today we will talk about Medic Build. Every good team need a medic to finish mission. So Medic Build is important. By the way, if you need The Division Power Leveling, click it.SkillsFirst Aid (Medical)Support Station (Medical)Recovery Link (Medical)ModsOverdose (First Aid)Ammo Cache (Support Station)Talents (in order or priority)Combat Medic (Me...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

JP & TW's Soul Fighter Release Event in Blade & Soul
TL;DR: It seems dumb to not do this event in conjunction with the release of a new class. On the JP and TW servers that our version seems to most closely parallel this upcoming event took place at the exact same time as Soul Fighter was added to the game (also following a pre-registration period to additionally get the free insta-45 token for it). It makes s...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

The Division: Where to Find General ECHOs Ⅰ
This guide will show players the locations of all general ECHOs in The Division. These collectibles are part of the Intel family, but come with their own Rose Jacket cosmetic item as a reward for collecting them all. If you’re looking to grab all 293 bits of Intel, you’ll have to find all of the Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Changes of Kung Fu Master in Blade & Soul
With the update of Blade & Soul, Kung Fu Master has changed. If you want to know more, just take a look. And also, if you want blade and soul gold, click it.Falling Star (LMB) Falling Star now costs 1 Focus, down from 3.Guiding Fist (RMB) Guiding Fist (Tier 1 Stage 1) has had its cooldown increased to 12 seconds, from 9 seconds. Guiding Fist (Tier 1 St...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

How to Level Up Fast in the Division
This article will explain how players can level up fast in The Division, as increasing your level is very important. It directly ties to the weapons and gear that you can equip or buy, plus the districts and missions that you can enter and survive in. Increasing your level will also unlock slots that allow you to use extra Skills, Talents and Perks, making i...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

Questions about Blade & Soul
Welcome to today's Megathread!The topic today is Technical support. Today's thread is to allow you to better find help on issue you may be having, or technical questions related to Blade & Soul.Problem with installing the game, or don't know if you can even run the game, this is the place to ask these questions.Always make sure to check the Official Supp...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 4 Years Ago

Blade & Soul - The Development System (morph) Equipment
Despite the fact that about morph arms and Bagua fragments in Blade & Soul has already been said a lot, we have not yet touched on this topic in the framework of our column "First Steps", which is made for beginners. Morph equipment - principally the development of interesting system, which instead of constant change weapons on the more recent offers to ...
Posted by luckyowl - Posted 3 Years Ago

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