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Apple Update for Mac OS X EI Capitan Bugs Fixes
With the advent of Apple latest operating system, OS X EI Capitan in 2015, user faced lots of bugs with this operating system and posted issues on Apple discussion forum. With such a large number of bugs, Apple introduced updated this year for OS X EI Capitan to fix all the possible bugs that were happening with this latest release of Mac OS X. To have the r...
os x, x ei, mac os, ei capitan, update, os, mac - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

Resolve Windows Based Programs Issues On Apple Retina Display
Retina Display is actually an Apple brand name for screens that have high resolution and pixel density for crispy display with smooth curves and sharpness. Apple introduces MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 2012 to provide amazing resolution with clear display. With its better display, many users also installed Windows operating system on their MacBook Pro ...
retina display, macbook pro, windows 10, toll free, windows, retina, display - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

How Anti-Malware Is Significant For Mac?
Anti-malware is a software program that has been designed to block, detect and rectify dangerous programming on a computing or IT devices. This program helps to protect devices against the threats caused by malware together with adware, worms, viruses, ransomware and spyware. If you find any presences of these malicious programs, then you can dial a support ...
anti malware, malware program, x protect, software program, system, malware, mac - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

Forgotten Apple ID Password ? Reset It Effortlessly
Apple users need Apple ID password to login into iCloud, Apple new device, iTune or Apple store for downloading apps. Apple ID password is very important to have a security of Apple devices like laptops, iPhone, iPad or any other device so that no one could view inside your device and steal your data even if your device has lost. Sometimes it happens that us...
id password, apple id, email address, simple way, recover, password, id - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

Apple Provides Free Replacement for Stained Retina Display
When MacBook was re-launched by Apple, then many users complained about staingate in retina display. This was the most common with MacBook Pro with retina display. Due to graphic card error, MacBook anti-reflective display coatings leave patches on screen which may be small or large blobs. This looks as if your display has been broken. In this situation, use...
retina display, macbook pro, free replacement, warranty period, retina, macbook, display - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

Apple Mac Book Air Is Now Available With 8GB Ram
Apple is known for producing many of the innovative devices, among which it is also known well for producing Mac Book which is a portable computer. After 2011 Apple again came with Mac Book in 2015 with Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro. With the fastest processor and color, Apple has recently announced Mac Book Air e upgraded with 8GB RAM. Upgrading is now avai...
macbook air, mac book, 8gb ram, book air, users, ram, macbook - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

What To Do When Mac Freezes With OS X 10.11.5 EI Capitan?
OS X EI Capitan is the 12th release of Apple for Mac whose successor is now also coming as macOS Sierra. This Mac OS X10.11.5 version was introduces in 2015 and with its release, many users become great fan of this OS X. This Mac OS X EI Capitan is known for varied amazing features due to which it has large number of users. But, with its great utilities, the...
os x, ei capitan, x ei, freezing issue, os, mac, freezing - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

Easily Setup Email On Mac With Apple Technical Experts
Mac mail is actually a free and built-in email client of third party for Mac users which offer users friendly interface with easy setup and customization. Many Mac users get the problem in setting up email with their Mac due to which they get difficulties in viewing their email details. In this situation users can have Mac technical phone help for Microsoft ...
mac mail, email account, outgoing mail, mail server, mail, mac, email - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

How End Of Safari 6.0 Support Affects Browser Users?
Safari 6.0 was lunched with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in 2012 after Safari 5 version. This came with new advanced features which made the users to have amazing experience to explore. This made the users to have fast and smarter web searches in an easy way. But, later Apple pulled away the download link for Safari 6.0 for PC and directed them to contact tec...
safari 6, safari browser, x 10, service providers, users, safari, made - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

All You Need To Know About Macbook Air 2017 Release And Specs
After re-launching of MacBook as Retina MacBook and MacBook Air, Apple is now supposed to come with MacBook Air 2017 as the optimized form of MacBooks Air. When MacBook Air was launched in 2015, then users thought that the new laptop is to come with Retina display, but it was not so. Does it specify that Apple is now to come with MacBook Air with Retina disp...
macbook air, air 2017, retina macbook, retina display, new, macbook, apple - Posted by mactechnical - Posted 4 Years Ago

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