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Salwar Kameez: The outfit for all occasion!
The women clothes have never changed really. It has been the same all this time. In fact all the dresses that have been old in fashion has become the trend of these days. The best example for this is Salwar Kameez. It is an appeal that never disappeared from trend completely. The Salwar Kameez has always come up with some new change in style and so is always...
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How to select Saree for Party wear?
A Party is one such occasion where every woman wants to look good. Many of us get confused about what to wear for the party and the confusion is obvious. This is because we have a wide variety of options available in our wardrobe and are unable to decide the right one for the occasion. In this article, we will discuss the various methods for selecting saree ...
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Get trendy with Bollywood Suits
These days there is hardly anyone who does not admire the Salwar suits worn by celebrities in the film. Women love fashion and the trendy, fashionable Salwar suits can only be seen in movies. These celebrities inspire the women’s a lot and no women will mind wearing suit that she just saw her favorite celebrity wearing in the movie. Especially the fash...
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Indian saree Different factors you need to consider before purchasing
The popularity of saree, which is a traditional Indian garment has been growing  all across the world with every passing day.  The main reason behind the growing popularity is the fact  that this garment is so versatile, which can be worn in several different ways.  In this highly dominating fashion world, no two women like to dress in th...
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Make a unique style statement with party wear sarees
Every woman wants to look beautiful and unique, especially when going to attend a party. In order to achieve this, they are always looking for unique  apparels  and accessories. Party  wear  saree is one of the best options, if you want to  make a unique style statement.  Any  woman can look beautiful and charming, if you s...
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It?s the ethnic way of living
These days there have been many ethnic dresses wore by Indian women. This includes saree, Salwar kameez, lehengas etc. These dresses look decent and are most suitable for every occasion. In fact, these attires are so popular that even tourist from varied countries prefer to wear it. Among these maximum women, prefer the Salwar kameez, as they are comfortable...
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Different types of traditional sarees
Saree is recognized as one of the most beautiful  attire for women.  Saree is recognized as traditional Indian attire and will never go out of  fashion.  This is only because of the variations available in the saree collection.  There are countless option available in saree in different designs, patterns and fabrics. Let’s ...
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Make a unique style statement with bollywood designer salwar kameez
There is hardly  any woman  all across the world who does not want to look like her favorite celebrity.  In India, women from all walks of the life  seems to be inspired  by the dressing sense of their  favorite Bollywood actresses. There are plenty of reasons for the increasing craze of the Bollywood  designer  salwar...
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Online sari shopping: Understanding the reasons of growing popularity of online
Sarees are one of the popular piece of women clothing all across the world. Sarees are the only women’s attire that never goes out of fashion and have been gaining a huge popularity with the passes of time. There is no more better option than sarees, when it comes to represent India’s rich culture and tradition. There are countless variations ava...
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New Trends in Pakistani Salwar Kameez
Pakistan is famous for its rich and evergreen designs in Salwar Kameez, embroided  and woven with fragility, that attracts ladies and girls from all over the world. The Pakistani trends, though reach to us little bit modified, are still accepted by the people worldwide.  Pakistani Salwar KameezSalwar Kameez is one such outfit which has n...
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