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Gender difference
Psychopathy and crime are overwhelmingly male phenomena. Lalumiére et al., (2001) claim that psychopaths are estimated to comprise 20% of the incarcerated population. Females and males with psychopathy score high on the psychopathic behavioral traits that exhibit more criminal activities as compared to women and men with more effective and interperson...
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Article summary
The article by Lisa Morgan focuses on why businesses need to think about voice interface. In business, voice interface tends to offer opportunities for developing close relationships with customers based on a deeper understanding of the clients. Research shows that 40% of 5000 clients interviewed in a study would consider using voice assistant rather than a ...
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Davis v. Mississippi
The petitioner, John Davis, a 14-year-old Negro boy, was convicted of raping an 86 year old white woman with whom he had done yard work, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. In the case, the police took Davis into custody without a warrant, and they held him for two days. While being confined, the police interrogated him and took his fingerprints. The ...
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Personal statement
My inclination towards Finance began at a tender age.  Naturally, I am a person who loves solving problems. I realized my abilities to think intuitively, creatively and strive for perfection while doing things my own way.  In fact, most of my decisions have been made using logical analysis.  I found money and investments to be interesting and ...
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Information Systems Audit and Healthcare
Topic justificationThere has been growing concern over healthcare information security in the United States. This has led to changes and increased regulations in the required security practices in order to achieve compliance.  It is not surprising that healthcare organizations have wide disparities in security practices and in perceived compliance (Kw...
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Determine the Regulatory Pathway & Reimbursement Route
IX. Determine the regulatory pathway and reimbursement routeThe regulation of medical drugs and biodevices is carried out to ensure safety and efficacy while offering rapid movement of innovative concepts through the investigative as well as the regulatory procedures as rapidly as possible. In the United States, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FD...
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More about Storage
What do you think are some of the main things that contribute to slowing disk performance?The main things that cause slow disk performance include low disk space, fragmentation, internal problems with the storage array, when you have virtual machines sending more throughputs to the storage that is supported by the configuration, and when the workload is to...
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Patient Education Technology
Identify patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe nursing practice.Introduction of new technologies in healthcare sectors helps in improving healthcare efficiency, quality, safety, and cost. Patient care technologies that have the high significance in the nursing range from relatively simple devices which ...
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 During ASPIRE, I would like the discussion to touch on benefits of having students with unique and vibrant cultural backgrounds in the school environment, the impacts of misconceptions on students and how to cope with the issues.  There are various commonly-held assumptions about Asian-Americans. They are believed to be exotic, compliant, docile, ...
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Public Opinion
The overall opinion of the public on the issue of business ethics is that businesses do not follow the ethical standards that dictate the overall behavior. The claim is supported by the assertion that businesses are focused on making profits at the expense of the ethical grounding. In that case, it is argued that it is common for businesses to engage in unet...
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