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Dr Mitali Soni Loyas
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Essential Things To Know About Postpartum OCD
It is very common among mothers to experience a wave of emotions after giving birth to a new baby. Postpartum OCD is a post pregnancy illness i.e. anxiety, which is often related to unwanted thoughts and images surrounding common OCD obsessions. Postpartum OCD is also known by several names, such as, Postnatal OCD, Postnatal Anxiety, Postpartum OCD or Postpa...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to differentiate SAD from Depression
SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder. This is something that a large group of individuals misinterpret as depression. In spite of the fact that some of the symptoms of SAD may appear same as the symptoms of depression, it is not depression basically, says doctors, offering, depression treatment in Bhopal.Doctors, offering depression treatment in Bhop...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

Best Foods for Keeping your Mind Stress Free
WATERWater is something on while the entire process of our body relies upon. Lack of water can have negative impact on our systems of our body, causing fatigue and mood changes that can eventually lead to anxiety disorder, say doctors, offering anxiety treatment. Melons (especially watermelon), berries, oranges, and celery can act as a great supplement for...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 7 Months Ago

All You Need To Know About Bipolar Disorder
Sudden change in mood, sleep, energy, thinking, behavior and so forth is often referred to as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is also called as maniac depression. “It is nothing but a mental illness” mental health counselor in Bhopalsays.Individuals who are suffering from bipolar disorder feels overly happy and energized, and just within a m...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

Effective OCD Treatment for your Child
OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a therapeutic and mental issue wherein the individual experiencing the OCD needs to confront redundant and horrendous considerations or practices that are either fixations or impulses and furthermore are outside the ability to control of that individual. Every one of the children have stresses and questions and that co...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 5 Months Ago

7 Foods To Fight Stress By Psychologist In Bhopal
Stress is all about the way of your body responding to any kind of event. “Stress is not a mental illness”, says a psychologist, offering stress treatment in Bhopal. It is like a burden on your mind and body. When the level of stress in your life is under control, it enhances your system. You experience a sense of energy. However, at times, when ...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

Why Someone with Depression Kills Themselves?
A large part of the individuals feel down from time to time. Separation in relationships or a terrible grade can give rise to sadness. Part of the time, sadness comes without a clear reason. Can you tell the difference between sadness and depression? Well, every individual who have gone through depression can spot the difference. Depression, as opposed to or...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 8 Months Ago

Benefits of Taking Counseling Sessions
Most likely, it gives massive joy when we take care of our issues autonomously. In any case, when we feel that the heap is currently getting a lot heavier, at that point there's no disgrace in requesting the assistance from a specialist and expert psychological well-being guide. Instructors help you in various manners. It very well may be whether a clinician...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 4 Months Ago

Acceptance and Change ? The Best Way to Deal With OCD
Everyone out there reading this post must be thinking about “change”. To be more precise, you must probably be thinking about changing your compulsive behavior, changing your obsessive thinking, changing the way you live, and so forth. One of the biggest truth of life is the change. We are all going through some sort of changes in our daily lives...
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

What Does Stress in Kids Look Like?
Stress is nothing but highest degree of demands that are being put on individuals and their inability to fulfill those extreme demands. Doctors, offering stress treatment in Bhopal, states that, when the question is about stress in kids, it is, more often than not, a result of pressure from parents, other family members, friends, school, or even within kids....
Posted by mentalhealthbhopal - Posted 1 Year Ago

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