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  • Payments Integration Simplified - Collecting the sales you worked so hard to generate should be simple and seamless. Our platform is fully integrated to enable invoicing, billing, collection, and related communications all in one place.


It is true, but there is such a thing as a merchant account blacklist. It’s actually known as the MATCH list or “Terminated Merchant File,” (TMF for short). The Terminated Merchant File is a shared online list among processors and acts as a blacklist scrubber, where merchants with high risk accounts or excessive chargebacks [www.chargebacks...
merchant account, credit card, high risk, card processing, merchant, match, account - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to carefully handle Credit Card Information?
Five tips for proper handling the credit card information of your customer.Keep your customer’s data safe with these useful tips.Use Approved SoftwareWhen a merchant uses POS (Point of Sale) terminal, mobile running payment processor software or swipe machine to conduct transactions, as a merchant it is your duty to make sure that your hardware, as...
credit card, service provider, card processing, store credit, credit, card, service - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Merchant Stronghold Helps Give A Competitive Edge To Financial Institutions
We harness relationships to help you meet continued demands for new customers, new deposits and new sources of revenue. We know how important attracting profitable customers and maintaining long-term relationships are to your Financial Institutions.Become a PartnerAs competition and Federal Regulations continue to erode margins on traditional banking pro...
merchant stronghold, financial institutions, stronghold sales, sales force, merchant, stronghold, sales - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 11 Months Ago

Online рауmеntѕ are made thоuѕаndѕ оf timеѕ a ѕесоnd аll over thе world. There аrе hundrеdѕ of different wауѕ thеѕе payments аrе mаdе, including PayPal and EFT trа...
payment gtw, mnt gtw, rl tim, rdit rd, th, nd, mnt - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Essential Way to Start Credit Repair High-Risk Business
Brushing up a credit report or giving credit rebuilding services is an extremely lucrative business on the grounds that numerous clients endure higher financing costs because of their poor credit score and will be cheerful to pay a little cost for it to be making something right.Is it true that you are considering beginning up your own credit repair business...
merchant account, high risk, credit repair, risk business, credit, business, payment - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Lets Understand The Low Risk merchant
Low Risk MerchantsIts essential to understand about your business whether it comes under Low Risk Category before you apply it at the bank for a merchant Account because merchants in our payment processing world are categorized under low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk business categories. There are a number of points or reasons concerning which any busine...
low risk, risk category, merchant stronghold, risk merchant, risk, low, business - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

What is High-Risk Offshore Merchant Account Services?
We know very well about the Merchant Account Services. All we need is to understand The term “offshore”. Well, It is a type of account for a merchant in a non-resident country. So, it is a direct account but not a domestic account. ItOften people consider that offshore merchant account is for High-Risk Businesses or for such businesses that can...
international merchant, merchant accounts, merchant account, offshore merchant, merchant, account, offshore - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Safe & Secure Online Merchant Account Instant Approval for Timeshares
Merchant account for Timeshares BusinessTimeshares business offers various types of packages, vacation rentals, and airfares. It is considered as high risking business because credit card processing is high trafficked. The transactions also occur via phone and internet, and customers complain about services a lot. It takes a lot of time from booking to rec...
merchant account, credit card, timeshares business, merchant stronghold, merchant, timeshares, credit - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Merchant Services for High Risk Businesses
Business Documents and KYC3 months recent prior processing statements for all products intended on being processed through the high-risk merchant accounts (If applicable)3 months recent business bank statements. (If the new business, the merchant should be able to show financial stability to support the startup/operation of the business or personal bank ...
product service, service being, merchant stronghold, being sold, service, product, merchant - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

Debt Collection Business For High Risk Merchant Account Services
In case you run or are starting a debt collection business you need a reliable credit card processor at low cost rates. unfortunately, that’s turning into increasingly more difficult to case you’ve been within the enterprise for any time, the everyday cycle for a debt collection employer to undergo with respect to their credit card proces...
debt collection, credit card, high risk, merchant account, debt, collection, merchant - Posted by merchantaccount - Posted 1 Year Ago

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