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Different types of alloys and its uses
The metals have been the most useful element and have had a huge impact in the industrial field. However, you must know that the metal is not useful by nature. In fact, it is first converted into alloy and then used for industrial purposes. In this article, we will discuss the use of different types of alloys for industrial purposes.Some of the most common...
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A Brief Description about Billet Aluminium
Aluminium is the most commonly used metals that come in use for manufacturing a wide range of the products. It is easy for the manufacturers to understand the importance of aluminium. These metals are light in weight and have high tensile strength, which is almost the same as of the steel. Though this article is cantered to tell about Billet Aluminium yet, i...
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Aluminium: A metal highly used and Supplied!!
One of the reasons for aluminium product being high on demand is because of its resistance to rust, high reflectivity, high conductivity to electricity, non-brittleness while excessive cold and that it is non-combustible. The aluminium mainly comes in use while constructing several means of transport like aircraft, boats, trains and varied other items like e...
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Why Aluminium Is used By Extrusion Manufacturers for Producing Metal Profiles
Aluminium extrusion manufacturers produce a wide range of aluminium products that are used every day in homes and industries. Aluminium offers many advantages over other metals making it a popular choice for suppliers of metal products.Aluminium extrusion manufacturers India and suppliers use a process that is similar in principle to the working of the too...
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The Process of Aluminium Extrusion Used By Tin Lead Alloy and Metal Manufacturer
Aluminium extrusion is a popular method used by metal manufacturers in India to produce a range of products that are then used in many types of industries. The properties of aluminum make it an ideal metal for industries.The reason why aluminium is the preferred material for construction and for aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India is because it is a...
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Reasons for the growing popularity of aluminium extrusion
Aluminium extrusion is one of the greatest inventions in the metal industry.  This wonderful process is adopted by numerous aluminium extrusion manufacturers companies, which offer extruded products. This process is generally used in production and is widely utilized to produce different parts of homogenous cross sections. This process is done by squeez...
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Bimetal and its usage.
Bi metal is nothing but a combination of two metals to make it one. These metals are casted in such a way that it converts into a single metal used to make the substance stronger and recognisable in some cases. Bimetallic Strips The Billet Aluminium strips and plates are renowned as they change over an increase or decrease in temperature. As ...
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Red lead and its usage in India.
The Red Lead is used mainly in making lead glasses and paints. They are used over steel and iron in high quantity to protect it from rusting. Red Lead is soluble in hydrochloric acid present in stomach and turns out to be hazardous when ingested. However, it is insoluble in substance such as alchohol & water. Red Lead is prepared by oxidation of metallic...
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Uses of lead in different applications
Lead is one of the first metals known to man. This is  also the fifth most used metals in the world.  This  metal is used from the beginning of the ancient  Egyptians, Babylonians  and Assyrians civilization for many structural and ornamental purposes. The lead metal has high density, chemical stability, ease of fabrications and has ...
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Metenere - Leaders in Pure Tin, Lead and Aluminium Recycling and Manufacturing
Metenere Limited is one of the leading metal recycling companies in India, currently operating in 4 continents across 9 countries around the world. The company has been providing first class service to clients for over 25 years and has been accredited as an ISO 9001 certified organization.Metenere has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has a stron...
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