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Warning Bells in the Financials of Your Practice? It Is Time To Outsource!
The modernization of the US healthcare space with the introduction of various revolutionary changes has taken it to a whole new level. Evidently, medical billing outsourcing has earned great credibility in recent times. Despite these changes, we still see Providers, who perceive that outsourcing medical billing and collections might cost a great deal or make...
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Coordinated Care and its Effects on Physician Billing
In order to put an end to the duplication of physician care services and inflation of healthcare costs, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced a cost-effective and patient-friendly healthcare model. It is called the ‘Coordinated Care’ or ‘Integrated Care’.  From the Providers’ viewpoint, implementing this model would be q...
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Have you checked the Medical Billing Outsourcing Option of Late?
Many healthcare Facilities and Providers have quit the thought of medical billing outsourcing after having partnered with inept medical claims processing companies. They might have faced bitter experiences from such unskilled medical billing companies in the past. However, the situation has changed in recent times. The new developments revolutionizing the US...
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Payment Posting ? Impact on AR
AR inflation is considered as one of the main causes for revenue loss in the US healthcare industry. There are several factors that contribute to this AR inflation, which if not scrutinized properly, can make the situation worse. One best example is payment posting that greatly impacts the AR, if not reviewed on time. In addition to showing immense care on m...
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Medical Coding is the Key for Cash Flows
Medical Coding is the key to success and profitability of any healthcare Provider or Facility. Between the new and upcoming ICD-10 medical coding requirements and the daunting task of training and employing a medical coding specialist, outsourced medical billing is the way to go. The Medical Billing and Collections Specialist is the most important person as ...
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Patient Eligibility Verification ? How is it important for faster collections?
Determining a patient’s verification for insurance and benefits coverage is critical. This process affects the reimbursement directly and is crucial prior to a patient’s appointment in the Provider’s office. The most accurate way to protect a Provider or Hospital’s reimbursement and keep the cash flow steady is to partner with a medic...
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In-house vs. Outsourced Billing ? Advantages?
Do you currently keep your billing in house or do you utilize a Physician Practice Management Company to outsource your billing? Many Physicians as well as Office Managers struggle with making this decision on a daily basis. In this article, we will explore both options so as to dissect the options.In-House Medical Billing Maintaining ControlWhen trust...
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How crucial is charge entry in getting claims paid faster?
Medical billing and collections can be a complicated process and involves several steps. These steps include, charge entry, insurance verification, data conversion, claim submission, and revenue cycle management. All of these steps must be completed to get positive results. The most reliable way to achieve these results would be to outsource all of your medi...
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Are You Plagued By Old Ar And Claims Not Worked On Time?
Managing the AR of a Medical Practice can be very tricky, even when things are going as designed. While Medical Billing and Collections has been a challenge for all Medical Practices over the years, never has it been more crucial than in today’s Healthcare environment. Managing Medical claims Submissions and Follow-up must be made a priority and it is ...
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Interstate Medicaid Billing ? Problems & Procedure
Unlike Medicare that offers only limited healthcare benefits, Medicaid makes available a wide range of health benefits to citizens who are below the poverty line. One of the main disadvantages of Medicaid is that not many Providers are registered with the Medicaid program due to the low reimbursement. Eventually, billing Medicaid plans becomes harder when co...
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