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Buying Viola Insurance - Some Critical Aspects to Take In Account
You simply cannot put a price tag on everything you have in life. Isn’t it? The same goes for your musical instruments. Yes, you shelled out a certain amount, a huge one, to be precise, to procure your viola. But you can’t define its importance in your life based just on how expensive it is. Can you? So, no matter if it is your first one or you h...
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How to Protect Your Instruments from the Heat
Have you ever walked by an old wooden ship? If you have, you've probably noticed the planks can become quite crooked. This is, in part, because significant temperature changes can cause wood to shrink and expand. The same processes can damage the delicate structure of wooden musical instruments.Temperatures above 100 degrees will cause the glue in string i...
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Buy a Music Equipment Insurance and Play Safe
You are a fabulous musician. Your creations are beautiful. You love your musical instruments to the moon and back and go extra miles to make sure that your musical instruments are spick and span all the time. However, even after taking so much care of your woodwinds and strings, if you fail to buy a Music Equipment Insurance for your instruments or musical p...
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Protect Your Music Studio with the Right Coverage Options
Having your place reserved in an industry that is consistent and evolving robust makes a great deal. And, owning a music recording studio is the first leg forward. Whether you are a professional, a newbie in the world of music, or you are doing this for the sheer pleasure that music gives you, does not matter here. What matters is - comprehensive Studio Cove...
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Guitar Insurance: A must-have for All Guitar Players
Insurance is an essential element for every precious item. It is of utmost importance that whenever an expensive item is purchased, insurance of that particular item should be done. If you are a guitar player, then make sure that it must be insured to protect your instrument from all odds. An instrument must be protected from all corners. Thus, when you are ...
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When to Insure Musical Instruments and How Beneficial It Is?
Insurance has become an integral part of the life of an individual. When you own any plush item right from home to car, musical instruments, and so on, it is of utter necessity that you must get it insured. When you have insurance, it is nothing but acts as a shield giving complete protection to your prized possession. The insurance eases of all kinds of ten...
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Put an End to your Confusions and Get Dedicated Insurance for Musical Instrument
Protect Your Gears and Wallet with the Right Insurance for Musical InstrumentsLife Insurance? Checked. Health Insurance? Checked. Homeowners’ Insurance? Checked. Music Instrument Insurance?Umm, it is absolutely-necessary?"Yes, I am a musician. But, is specialized musical gear insurance so important? I mean, I've my homeowners’ insurance in ...
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Specialist Cello Insurance - Comprehensive Protection Wrapped In Peace of Mind
You wish your dad had insured your string under a Specialist Cello Insurance instead of paying a large amount of premium on adding the rider on your family's homeowner insurance to protect your gear and its bow. Do you regret this decision of your father or someone else in your family today?It is understandable that back then when you were a kid, you or yo...
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Get Musicians Insurance For The Right Coverage!
Professional performing artists have to travel a lot. For concerts, practice sessions, press conferences, recce of an auditorium, public appearances, and many other reasons make them go places along with their paraphernalia. And, if you are a musician who plays instruments, your mind is mostly involved with the thought of protecting your gears, no matter whe...
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