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Published 7 Years Ago
Tap Into Climbing Potential With Yoga
I am Cristina, the owner and creator of Conquer the Crux, a climbing blog dedicated to climbers that are interested in improving their performance through a combination of training, yoga, nutrition, and mindset. I am a fan of Don McGrath and am honored

Published 7 Years Ago
What does climbing success mean?
The following is an excerpt from Don McGrath and Jeff Elison’s best-selling book Vertical Mind. "Something that I have grown to appreciate about rock climbing is that success on a climb does not necessarily mean that you made it to the top

Published 7 Years Ago
An excessive amount of positive thinking
I recently read a brief white paper by Gabriele Oettingen who is a professor of psychology at New York University, where she asserts that too much positive thinking is counterproductive. Oettingen feels that there is too much credence given to the

Published 8 Years Ago
Rock Climbing Workout Plan- To Bring Out Your Potential
Rock climbing is an interesting activity undertaken by people all over the world. Climbing mountains is adventurous and with the right instructions you can make better movements. As the activity of rock climbing challenges your whole body and mind you