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Traditional education or online education?
The generations' predecessors to millennials are the fruit of what is known as "Traditional Education" (I have just stated where my age is tilting). Education that has made us know how the pages of a manual smell, the sound that causes the stroke of a pencil when writing our name, or knowing that a simple drop of ink can cause an indelible memory in a w...
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Student Loan Application Process
Student loan application is an essential process while applying for study abroad at an international institution, while some students may already have the ability to fund their tuition fees, most students, as well as their parents, would prefer to have financial assistance that would both help students live independently and reduce the burden on their pare...
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MBBS in Russia- All You Need to Know About it
 Taking India into considerations, Indian students are mostly interested in courses like MBBS. Though this is counted into one of the most difficult subjects, students still find it interesting and challenging. But, as previously mentioned, this is something that most people are interested in, there is a very tough competition as well. So, many studen...
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