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Auto Loans Getting Overwhelming? What to Do When You’re Behind on Payments
An estimated 28 million new auto loans were generated by Americans in 2019. That’s a large majority of citizens that could potentially be struggling to keep up with payments. Interest can sometimes be higher than what you anticipated when you signed onto the loan in the first place. Other expenses and bills can build up before you know it. Nobody wants...
credit union, auto loans, youre behind, new auto, payments, youre, loan - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

The House Becomes a Home: Is a Home Equity Loan the Right Choice for Texas?
Many people seek out Texas to build up their assets. There is a largely different price point in Texas homes than other markets. People arrive as wide-eyed home buyers, looking for the perfect place to establish their lives. As they continue the process, the value of their home increases. They make renovations, and suddenly, the market value of their humble ...
home equity, equity loan, credit union, texas homes, home, equity, texas - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

More than Just a Debit Card: Financial Benefits of a Checking Account
A checking account can easily be one of those things that you get and then neglect to utilize to the fullest. You get your checkbook (which, in our increasingly digital world, seems to last forever), get your debit card and forget about it. However, checking accounts, particularly from Dallas credit unions such as GO Federal, have a lot more benefits and too...
credit union, go federal, credit card, federal credit, credit, card, account - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Top 5 Financial Tips for College Students
Heading off to college is a big step towards independence for a lot of Texas students. One of the most important things they need to know is how to make smart financial decisions. GO Federal Credit Union has got you covered with the top 5 things every college student needs to know about finances.1.    Be organizedKnowing when your bills are du...
credit union, weekly spending, towards independence, top 5, financial, credit, union - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Fraud Protection with Kasasa Protect®
The latest statistics regarding fraud continues to show how vital it is to protect one’s assets. With 1 billion lost annually, Dallas credit unions are stepping up to the plate to help members protect themselves from fraud. Anyone is at risk of identity theft and fraud. To get the protection you need, start by talking with your Dallas credit union.Ho...
credit union, kasasa protect, identity theft, go federal, protect, kasasa, credit - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Credit Unions Prioritize Data Security
Digital data storage is now the standard. Every year security breaches have increased. Here in Dallas, GO Federal Credit Union knows how much harm these incidents can cause their members and prioritize ways to keep their members’ data safe and protected.Credit unions like GO Federal Credit Union implement highly sophisticated data security safeguards. ...
go federal, credit union, federal credit, credit unions, credit, members, data - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Help Secure your Financial Future by Avoiding these Money Mistakes
Money mistakes can snowball very quickly GO Federal, a Dallas credit union is prepared to help you build a future with financial freedom. The following list can help assist you in making the right choices for your financial future. Mistakes to Avoid No Budget - This is one of the most detrimental mistakes to avoid. A budget will help you make important...
credit union, go federal, dallas credit, money mistakes, credit, financial, union - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

When Should You Refinance A Car Loan?
Let’s say you recently bought a new car. However in a very short time, you have actually observed the auto loan rates of interest going down below the rate you acquired. You intend to refinance your auto loan, but you aren't sure if it's the right time to do so. There are no specific standards on when you can refinance a car loan rate. You can only t...
credit union, go federal, federal credit, auto loan, loan, credit, rates - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Using Your Savings Account to Benefit You
It is so easy to forget about your savings account at your credit union in Texas. Yes, you probably deposit money into the account every so often, but is your savings account really helping you?How to Use a Savings AccountThere are several benefits to using credit unions in Dallas. One of those being the use of your savings account. This is an important ...
savings account, credit union, credit unions, automatic transfers, savings, account, money - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Help! My Credit Score is too Low!
Ways to improve and repair your scoreAs one of the best credit unions in the Dallas area, GO Federal Credit Union is dedicated to helping its members achieve all of their financial goals. As credit scores play a significant role in loan rates, determination of services, and even potential employment, GOFCU has a few tips and tricks on how you can improve you...
credit union, go federal, federal credit, members achieve, credit, score, union - Posted by mygofcu - Posted 2 Years Ago

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