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Dos and Doníts of unsecured business loan
“You need money to make money!” is one of the wise money quotes. Anyhow, it certainly holds true. Not many small and medium businesses have spare cash lying around. That’s why getting an unsecured business loan can come in handy to help you grow your business by providing business funding. There are a couple of tried-and-tested dos and...
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Top must-have financial habits to avail an SME loan
Even if you are a seasoned professional, it is very important to have adequate SME finance. That is why it is vital to cultivate good financial habits, especially if you are in the market for an SME loan. Too many red-flags are a put-off for any lender and are signs of credit un-worthiness of the applicant. All the information provided to the lender should a...
sme loan, financial habits, sme finance, seasoned professional, sme, loan, habits - Posted by nairsaloni18 - Posted 1 Year Ago

Tips for Choosing Best Online Business Loan
There are numerous NBFCs providing an online business loan to cater to your financial needs be it a working capital loan or a start-up or an SME looking for investment capital. However, due to so many options available one click away, you might get confused as to which NBFC provides the business loan which is flexible and meets all your funding needs. The ke...
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How to navigate seasonal fluctuations with a business loan
One well-known challenge that any entrepreneur might face is navigating seasonal fluctuations in the businesses or industry. The strategy to do this successfully involves developing skills and smart practices that will allow the company to remain profitable during off-seasons and periodic slowdowns. A seasonal fluctuation results from dips in customer d...
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You could be killing your chances of getting a business loan
At some point, you might need a quick inoculation of capital for your business to keep moving forward. You can always opt to avail an instant business loan online when you run short of finances which can improve business productivity as you can then concentrate on growing your business. But with so many potential options out there, requesting an online busin...
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Unsecured business loan the right option for SME
Usually, a small and medium enterprise (SME) grows as its customer base and profit grows. But what if you need to just expand your SME but does not have sufficient capital back up to do so? Going forward in such cases would require an additional capital pool which might not be available at hand. So what are the options an SME is left with? The best thing to ...
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4 must do things before getting business funding
IntroductionBusiness funding is an emerging idea that is significantly benefitting a great number of businesses. Organizations are able to make the most out of the facilities if there are proper planning and execution of events. Organizations usually may hesitate before taking business loans but business loans can ensure smooth functioning of the business ...
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Take a small business loan for business expansion
IntroductionBusiness loans have proven to be of immense help to the organizations that are struggling in its business operations due to financial barriers. Businesses often face such situations and there can be a number of possible reasons for such financial problems. But the important fact is to come out of it and proceed on the steady path of progressive...
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Ways to apply for business loans in India
Are you a business owner looking for funds to boost your business? Business loans are offered by almost all banks. Often as a business owner you might think that in case you do not get a loan from a bank, you are out of options. However, that is not true. Non-banking financial companies provide business loans which are approved and disbursed by combining bus...
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Top reasons to avail a working capital loan
Business finance is the life force of a healthy enterprise. Without business finance, invoices deteriorate, inventory goes undelivered, employees go unpaid, and business festers. Keeping your business finance for operational costs out of the red is perilous to success. And if you use them correctly, working capital loans for small businesses can be game chan...
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