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Voucher you fly, Caesars Business Machine Wine Package Double 11 Great Deals
Double 11 is approaching, each business red envelope and discount fly together. The very low-priced premium wine packages are cheaper than cash coupons. Do you want to get it?Recently, the domestic famous business travel management service provider, Caesar Business Travel, announced that during the double 11th period, it will launch a super-branded product...
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Eccentric hemisphere valve technical requirements and device introduction
First, the eccentric hemispherical valve technical requirements (1) Eccentric hemisphere valve by the valve body, eccentric shaft, valve cover, ball crown, bushings, valve seat and Other major components, through the eccentric shaft rotation 90 ° to achieve the valve opening and closing, Play the role of cutting off the media. (2) Connection form with pi...
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Electromagnetic pulse valve definition
Electromagnetic pulse valve, also known as diaphragm valve, refers to the solenoid or pneumatic pilot valve control, can open and close the high-pressure gas source in a moment to generate a pulse, the solenoid valve into the right angle at the right angle of the valve body electromagnetic pulse valve, the valve body Import and export into a 180-degree throu...
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Pump the main areas of use
From the pump performance range, giant pump flow up to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour or more, while the micro-pump flow rate is less than dozens of milliliters per hour; pump pressure can be from normal pressure up to 19.61Mpa (200kgf / cm2) or more; the temperature of the liquid being transported is as low as -200 ° C or less and up to ...
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