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BRY-type heat transfer oil pump structure and use
Heat transfer oil circulating pump performance range (according to the design point) 1, the flow rate of 1--500m3 / h 2, lift 10-125m; 3, the temperature -20oC-350oC; BRY type heat pump Second, the structure of BRY heat transfer oil circulation pump hot oil pump For the single-stage cantilever structure is divided into the foot support and the center support...
butt welding, transfer oil, sdr 11, pipe fittings, pump, fittings, structure - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

Common laboratory equipment and use of organic laboratory: vacuum pump
According to the scope of use and pumping efficiency can be divided into three types of vacuum pumps: (1) the general pump, the pressure can reach 1.333 ~ 100kPa (10 ~ 760mmHg) for the "rough" vacuum. (2) oil pump, pressure up to 0.133 ~ 133.3 Pa (0.001 ~ 1mmHg) for the "second highest" vacuum. (3) Diffusion pump with pressure up to 0.133 Pa and (10-3 mmHg) ...
vapor pressure, pumping efficiency, inner tube, water vapor, pump, pressure, vacuum - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

China and Japan jointly create a large industrial pump production base
Hitachi (Hitachi, hereinafter referred to as Hitachi), Hitachi (China) Limited (Hitachi), Hitachi (Hitachi) Chairman: Tsukada Tian, ​​hereinafter referred to as Hitachi China) entered into an agreement with Wuxi Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wuxi, China (Chairman: He Baorong, hereinafter referred to as Wuxi Tin Pump) for the establishment of a jo...
wuxi tin, tin pump, large scale, joint venture, wuxi, pump, hitachi - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

Through pump controlled release film production process
March 1, 2003, organized by Beijing Tsinghua Institute of Industrial Development Incubator, Peking Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed in the benefit of "osmotic pump controlled release tablets," the results of the project appraisal will be held at Tsinghua University. The meeting heard Peking Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the "osmotic pump controlled release t...
release tablets, pump controlled, osmotic pump, controlled release, technology, tablets, single - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

When using air source heat pump hot and cold water units should pay attention to
The use of air-source heat pump chiller units should meet the following principles: 1 more suitable for small and medium summer hot summer and cold areas of public buildings; 2 summer hot and cold winter areas should be used to heat load selection, less than the capacity of cold water cooled Unit is available; 3 In cold area, it is not advisable to use it wh...
source heat, heat pump, air source, stainless steel, winter, heat, cold - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

Oil pump failure reasons as well as the judgment method
Pump failure reasons: In general, the machine pump is very reliable, even if a fault, often caused by rupture of diaphragm oil shortage. Sometimes oil pump arm or spring worn over, can also cause oil shortage, the fault easier to identify. Old-style oil pump can be repaired, but the new oil pump because they can not be disassembled, once the failure of the n...
link chain, steel link, oil pump, pump failure, pump, oil, link - Posted by netcec15 - Posted 8 Months Ago

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