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Nick Niesen

Nick Niesen
Artist, writer, web developer, programmer and entrepreneur.
Joined: April 29th, 2015
Articles Posted: 33,847

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Online Dating Web Sites From The Beginning
Online dating web site has been unheard off in the past years. But as the popularity of internet use grew, online dating web sites also cropped up. Majority of people met their boyfriends and girlfriends through traditional means. The most popular ways to meet someone included blind dates, setups, meeting through friends and colleagues, and of course bar and...
online dating, dating services, services online, dating service, site, online, dating - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Benefits Of Online Dating Services
In these past few years the trend in dating from all over the world has changed drastically. Individuals looking to meet people don't choose to line up in queues anymore, to try to get into the hottest places. Seldom will they be seen hanging out in pubs and bars, trying to catch a glimpse of prospective hook-ups. Nowadays, there's a more modern, and organ...
online dating, dating services, dating service, require participants, services, service, participants - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Online Education Degree - A Booming Sector That Bring You To A Brighter Future
Are you kind of person who likes to work with children? Are you loves to giving training and teaching to young people? Are you a good communicator especially with children? If you answered yes to the questions above, then online education degree will help you to gain the skills and enhanced you knowledge in education field. Hence, help you to advance your ca...
online education, education degree, childhood education, walden university, online, education, degree - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Online Dating Ė My First Time
Okay. Iíll take a look, but Iím not saying that Iím going to participate in online dating just yet. Iíve heard the success stories and the horror stories about online dating, but I do not have any first hand experience to share with you on the topic. What I plan to do in this article is take you with me while I explore the different online dating services a...
online dating, dating service, dating website, site name, online, dating, my - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Difference between Online Education VS. Traditional Education
These days, the internet has grown into a veritable wealth of information for college seekers. Everything from applying for financial aid to taking a course can be accomplished online. Now, a student can even obtain online degrees from one of many schools offering online education as a viable alternative to a traditional classroom education. How different ar...
online education, online degrees, education programs, distance education, students, online, education - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Online Dating - A strategy For Success
The advent of the internet and the exponential growth in the online dating sector over the last five years has meant that the dating and mating habits of millions of singles throughout the world has been totally revolutionised. But here's a reality check - only a small percentage of people who populate online dating sites actually get to have even one date, ...
online dating, dating site, youve got, very little, very, site, online - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Copywriting Makeover: Subtle Changes Make A Noticeable Difference Part 1 of 2
Changing a few words in your copy can lead to double-digit increases in conversions. If that sounds like a bunch of hype from an online infomercial, stick around and I'll show you how it's done. That's really all that happened with, an Australian ergonomic computer chair manufacturer. They had what would be considered a successful site with a c...
new copy, computer chairs, original copy, i wanted, copy, benefits, chairs - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Branding, control and results - Submit Articles in Your Own Name
Article distribution is currently booming on the internet. Authors do it for a number of reasons. It is a good way to be picked up by the search engines. The backlinks from your resource box can help your search engine position. You have the possibility of secondary traffic if your article is picked up by a popular website or ezine. Various products and se...
article distribution, article directories, distribution service, complete control, distribution, article, service - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Zeroing In On 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards
Have you lost count of the number of credit cards you hold? Is your doormat covered each morning in envelopes from companies you have lost track of? Then you need to look at putting all your credit card debts in one place. If you can transfer your debt to one credit card offering a 0% rate of interest for an introductory period, then even better. Rest assu...
credit cards, balance transfer, credit card, transfer credit, transfer, interest, credit - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

Wedding Invitations: Proper Invitation Etiquette
With all the expenses typically associated with preparing for a wedding, there is the temptation to put less emphasis on certain aspects of the ceremony. Stationary often falls into this category. Invitations, thank you and note cards, and orders of service are examples of stationary that people choose to use for their ceremony. Of these, you don't want to d...
wedding invitation, wedding ceremony, invitation style, word choice, wedding, invitation, ceremony - Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 7 Years Ago

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