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Article Writing - an Effective Way to Improve your PR
Learn About the Many Benefits of Using Article-Directories!Using Article-Directories you're not only provided with a central location for submitting and promoting all of your articles, you also have the key to a powerful resource for website owners and ezine/newsletter publishers who are searching for excellent content to share with others!When you set u...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

8 Dating Rules For Single Dads
The problem with recently divorced single parents is that are waiting too long to start dating again, complaining they are oh, so busy. The real reason is their fears, because their previous situation was usually so ugly, they don't have a strong enough ego to let rejections roll off their back. Even if they are starting to date, in most cases are d...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Wii Game Downloads - Review of Wii Media Downloads Site
There aren?t many places where you can find legal Wii game downloads, and the game selections don?t even always work. A few month ago I started searching places on the web where I could find all the Wii game downloads that I wanted. I wasted a lot of time and money but I then I came across the Wii media downloads site. This site has more than just Wii game...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

How To Be More Attractive: Gotta Have Sense Of Humor!
Men having great sense of humor ranked number three as being a personality trait that attracts women on survey results conducted by several magazines. Topping the survey is physical appearance and number two, financial stability.Laughing can be very beneficial to one?s health, according to researchers. And a great sense of humor, which creates laughter, ca...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Weight Loss Motivation: Mastering the Motivation to Stay Fit
Have you ever just felt like you were doing everything you were supposed to in order to lose weight and STILL weren't dropping the pounds?During her journey to lose 40lbs in 16 weeks, my good friend Kim faced some pretty serious challenges with regards to her level of motivation.Another friend of mine, Antonio Goodwin, who lost 4 inches from his waistl...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Work at Home Business Research Tips for Stay at Home Moms
Stay at home moms (like they are not already busy) I know seem to desire a work at home business. With kids to take to school and drive around for afternoon activities they seek these opportunities because of they offer the flexibility. Even though stay at home moms do spend a lot of time with their children and do not have to worry about commuting to work...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Subliminal Messages & The CIA
In 1957 the world was awakened to the frightening possibility that our minds could be manipulated. In a simple experiment, by James Vicary, involving popcorn, coke and a cinema audience, we were lead to believe sales were increased through the use of subliminal messages. Although the experiment was ?unsubstantiated? and it has never been replicated successfu...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

The Psychology of Torture
There is one place in which one's privacy, intimacy, integrity and inviolability are guaranteed ? one's body, a unique temple and a familiar territory of sensa and personal history. The torturer invades, defiles and desecrates this shrine. He does so publicly, deliberately, repeatedly and, often, sadistically and sexually, with undisguised pleasure. Hence th...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Prevalence and Comorbidity
What is the Difference between Healthy Narcissism and the Pathological Kind? In my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited", I define pathological narcissism as: "(A) life-long pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's grat...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

Global Warming & Hybrid Cars
Global Warming is a considerable increase in the climate temperature of the earth in a short period of time due to human activity. Global warming could result in the arctic ice thinning which would increase the sea level, as well as other extreme weather such as floods, hurricanes etc. Climate change is a major problem in the twenty first century, and a lot ...
Posted by nick_niesen - Posted 9 Years Ago

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