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What are the types of Health Insurance plan in India?
A Health insurance plan is a medical insurance policy offering financial coverage in case of medical emergencies like surgeries, hospitalisation etc. In India, after motor insurance, health insurance is the most purchased policy. Health insurance plans either directly reimburse medical expenses or offer cashless facilities at network hospitals. Apart from th...
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How to Do Online Car Insurance Renewal: A Detailed Guide
Driving a four-wheeler on a lapsed insurance is illegal and can end up costing a lot in case of an accident. By learning how to renew your insurance online, you can prevent such troubles with minimum effort.  The ease with which you can achieve the renewal is a significant advantage for vehicle owners. However, you have to follow a few steps for renewin...
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5 Reasons That Make Personal Accident Insurance Policy a Must for Everyone
As per a report by the Ministry of Road Transport, road accidents killed 3 people in every 10 minutes in India and led to a total of around 1.47 lakh deaths in 2017 alone. This alarming statistic is a grave reminder of what a normal ride to work or just cruising around the city in your 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler could lead to.No matter how good your riding or ...
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Essential Factors to Look At When You Compare Car Insurance Quotes
As much as buying a car seems to be important in today’s world, having a car insurance is equally important. Moreover, as per Motor Vehicle Act, it is even mandatory in India to have a car insurance.However, is it too easy to get insurance for your precious vehicle? Once you have an idea of what exactly you are looking for, comparing car insurances c...
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Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in India for 2018
In India, every car owner has to buy car insurance, with at least third-party cover, as it’s mandatory under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. If you’re looking for a new car insurance policy or renewing your existing policy, you have the luck. Here, in this guide, we give you a list of top 5 car insurers in India. This will simplify your search for ...
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Everything You Should Know About No Claim Benefits (NCB)
With the daily increase in the number of cars on Indian roads, it becomes even more important to have a motor insurance nowadays. Moreover, many drivers don’t care about the safety of others, and they drive their vehicles rashly, causing damage to others. Having insurance policy takes care of your financial load in case you meet with an accident.Car ...
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A Handy Buying Guide for Family Health Insurance
Nowadays, when healthcare costs are rising steeply, an unforeseen medical emergency or a traumatic event can wipe out your savings in a flash. This is where a comprehensiveHealth Insurance plays a pivotal role. It is a service that averts financial strain and enables timely intervention when a medical emergency crops up without warning. A suitable plan which...
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How to choose the right car insurance policy?
A car insurance is a great way to avail financial security against accidental damage or injury. It is not only a legal obligation to have a car insurance policy, but it also offers great protection. If you are a car owner you need to do careful research before zeroing in on a particular insurance company’s policy. With numerous companies mushrooming in...
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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Car Insurance Policy
Unquestionably, the ecstasy of getting a new car of your own is a heady experience. However, there are crucial factors to be considered once you have acquired your dream four-wheeler. Car insurance is one of the biggest mandatory obligations of owning a vehicle. You need to be extremely cautious while selecting a car insurance policy. Here are some critical ...
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