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The Domineering Future of Wearable Technology
The role that digital devices and similar technologies play in our daily lives is rapidly growing—and unsurprisingly so, as people become increasingly dependent on smart gadgets and less willing to go about the day without them. The rise of fitness trackers and the likes of Apple Watch, Microsoft HoloLens, and Google Glass, signal the wider reach and a...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 2 Years Ago

5 Key Reasons Why A Business Needs CRM Software
CRM stands for 'customer relationship management,' and software that is made for that purpose aims to track and analyze all the interactions you have with prospects and existing customers. Having CRM software makes sense for a business that would like to simplify, secure, scale, and centralize customer engagement. This way, it can increase its competitivenes...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 4 Years Ago

Security News For March 2016
Microsoft Patch Tuesday or Update Tuesday is a monthly event when security patches are released by Microsoft for its software. Security updates and bulletins come out on the second Tuesday of the month. Thirteen security bulletins were released in March 2016. Five of those updates were rated critical, including security updates for Microsoft Edge and Interne...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 4 Years Ago

IT Consulting Trends of the Upcoming Year That are Worth Paying Attention to Now
The advent of information technology (IT) is outstanding and frightening at the same time. It’s outstanding in the sense that it has made almost everything more efficient, and it’s frightening in the sense that security breaches have become more real. Most business, in general, benefit from managed IT services. How? If you opt for the services of...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 5 Months Ago

3 Steps to Follow if You Want to Change Your IT Consulting Services
As businesses move forward to a future of digital transformation, many find themselves within outsourced IT service agreements that are no longer in step with the reality of their changing needs. If upon reevaluating your IT requirements and future business goals you find that switching IT providers is the best direction to take, here are crucial steps you t...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 28 Days Ago

Millions of Call Center Records Exposed at Microsoft
Microsoft was praised for their quick actions against the huge privacy snafu stemming from a brief exposure of call center data on some 250 million consumers in December, 2019. Unsecured Elasticsearchcloud servers were the main source of the breach, as reported, when databases were indexed using BinaryEdge. All 5 servers contained 14-years worth of ...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 28 Days Ago

Current Security News for Dec 2016
Updating your system with the latest patches will keep it safe and secure from hackers and other security threats. Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle regularly release updates and security patches to reduce the chances of your computer falling prey to malware, hacking, and security breaches. Some of the most common security breaches that occurred in the past few m...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 3 Years Ago

Office 365
Office 365 is an office suite that is far more advanced than the Microsoft Office we all loved. Through Office 365, Microsoft was able to provide a better product in terms of pricing, features, and its distribution methods. Most changes in the office suite from Microsoft Office to 365 are positive. Hence, if you are still using older versions of Office, you ...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 3 Years Ago

Top IT Support Services to Operate Businesses as Smoothly as Possible
Almost all businesses today, no matter the size, rely on technology for their business operations. It helps that technology keeps on evolving; thus, businesses have more leverage as far as smooth processes go. Through various IT support services, consumers can have their concerns or inquiries addressed in real-time. As a result, online services are so much e...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 5 Months Ago

Outsourcing Your IT Solutions to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs
The outsourcing bubble will never burst. Organizations are constantly looking forward to outsourcing solutions that cater to their needs. The demand for solution providers who can implement the right technology has consequently increased exponentially. It is not only fledgling companies, that look at outsourcing, but existing and expanding companies find the...
Posted by orionnetworksolutions - Posted 2 Years Ago

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