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How to Plant Sabal Palm? 7 Steps to Know
Sabal Palms, also known as palmettos or cabbage palms, are quite common in some parts of the world. It grows in the hardiness zone of 8-10. These palms are drought tolerant and can grow at a height of 50-70 ft. If you are thinking of planting a Sabal palm, then there are three important things that you need to consider.Select the right climate to plant t...
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Sabal Palms!!! Facts you should Know
Sabal Palms!!! What are these? Well, they simply look like large, shrubby weeds, but no these are a cool variety of trees that make themselves quite different from others.What are they exactly? These are cold hardy plants that are usually grown on coastal areas. These trees have gained their popularity because of their edibility and landscaping natur...
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Palm Trees Maintenance Hacks You Should Know This Winter!
Plants aren't only vulnerable to cold in the wintertime. Wind flow and drought play their part too! Cold in blend along with wetness is also often a killer; by just considering things through and guarding you can garner amazing results with your palm intelligently.It's important never to use clear plastic foil or bubble cover to protect the plant in ...
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Little Information on Sabal Palms
Do you know what Sabal Palms are? Well, there are many people who have less idea on these trees. Sabal Palms, generally called as cabbage palms, usually grows on a single trunk with a height of 50ft and sometimes 70ft. The crown of the tree comprises of fronds with a diameter of 18ft. Usually, the fronds of these trees are green or yellowish green in c...
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Few Things to Know about Palm Tree in Carolina
Are you staying in Carolina or have ever been to Carolina? Then, the word palm tree in Carolina may not be new for you. The name of the palm tree varies from region to region. According to scientists, there are more than one thousand products of palm trees. Apart from this, there are many species of palms that are available on the globe. These tree...
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Few Things that You Should Know About Palm Trees
What are palm trees? Does it grow everywhere? Well, these are some of the questions that usually comes to your mind when you first hear about palm trees in Carolina. Well, for an individual who have less idea on palm trees, these are slender, erect trees that usually sustain a hot climate. In the entire globe, there are more than 2700 types of palm tre...
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Some Unknown Facts about Palm Tree
Originally, the palm tree was found in Africa from where it spreads to other places. These trees are usually available in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Now you can find a wide range of palm trees in the world, which plays a key role in the preparation of handicraft items and are used in agriculture. Apart from this, various parts of the tree hav...
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Facts and Benefits of Sabal Palms in North and South Carolina
Sabal Palms are one of the native palms that are least appreciated. They are simply a medium size palms that are usually found in Florida. As these trees have various features like drought tolerant capacity, salt tolerant, cold hardy, pest and disease free in nature, and thus they have become the choice of many people in Florida as well as in other parts of ...
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Make your House Look Aesthetically Beautiful With Sabal Palm in South Carolina
Sabal Palm trees in South Carolina nowadays are used by many people for the decorations of their home. What?? Yess…you might be wondering. These plants offer an exotic look to your garden. These trees are popular, because of the fact that they seemed to be tropical like. These trees can make you feel as if you are in a desert.It has been reported th...
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Few Facts that you should know about Palm Trees
The palm tree, also considered as the image of tropical paradise, is of greatest importance. There are many people who think that these plants grow in beaches, but no these sturdy plants grow in various places. There are many surprising facts about these plants that you may not know. So, below given are a few facts about palm trees in Carolina.More tha...
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