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Performance Spine & Sports Medicine

Performance Spine & Sports Medicine

We offer fully integrated approach to health and wellness.
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5 Types of Neck Pain and Their Causes
Neck pain can be a heavy burden to have. Life can already be hard enough without sharp pain always aching away in your neck! There are many different types of neck pain and potential causes for them. Below, we will cover 5 different types of neck pain and how they are caused. Need Some Help Managing Neck Pain? Often times, neck pain has the abili...
neck pain, muscle pain, sharp pain, pain always, pain, neck, professional - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 9 Months Ago

What Does Performance Pain Suggest for Those Told They Need Surgery?
When you want to find a low back pain doctor near you, it is common to have just received a professional opinion that you need surgery. Here at Performance Pain, we have helped countless clients in this situation to avoid surgery altogether. Below, we will break down some of our thoughts on this matter. Remember that Surgeons are Human The first thing that ...
avoid surgery, post op, op complications, vast majority, surgery, pain, complications - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 1 Month Ago

Common Instances Performance Pain Uses Stem Cell Therapy
Before you sign up for our stem cell therapy in Trenton NJ, it is important that you educate yourself a little bit on this topic. Performance Pain are experts at stem cell therapy and helping our clients recover from chronic pain. For this reason, we want to help you know when you might be eligible for stem cell therapy. Below, we will break down some of the...
stem cell, cell therapy, neck pain, chronic pain, therapy, stem, pain - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 5 Months Ago

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Chronic Migraines
Before you start searching for pain management doctors near me in your local area to find a doctor that specializes in migraines, there may be some things you can do at home. Below, we will cover 5 things you can do to prevent chronic migraines before they happen! 1. Avoid Bright Lights It is common for those with neck pain Hamilton to also have migraine iss...
chronic migraines, avoid migraines, bright lights, prevent chronic, migraines, avoid, pain - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 4 Months Ago

5 Ways to Use Your Laptop Safely & Minimize Spine Pain
Many of the people who get on the internet and search for a back pain doctor near me have chronic spine pain that stems partially from their laptop use. We want to help you avoid this at all costs. Here at Performance Pain, we have carefully developed 5 tips for helping you use your laptop safely and in a fashion that minimizes your back and neck pain. 1. T...
stretch breaks, spine pain, pain doctor, office chair, pain, screen, laptop - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 6 Months Ago

5 Reasons Pain Might Be Worse After Surgery
Just went through heavy surgery and are concerned with your abnormally high load of pain? We are here to help. The folks from Performance Pain handle cases of chronic pain all the time. For your reference, we have listed below 5 reasons why your pain might be all of a sudden worse after surgery. 1. Your Body Went Through High Loads of Trauma When you get d...
chronic pain, pain medication, worse after, searching around, surgery, pain, chronic - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 4 Months Ago

What is Sciatica and how it is treated?
Some people may not know why they get a sudden sharp pain in their legs. However, this is often a condition that is caused by inflammation or injury of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from the lower back to the back of the legs and into the feet. This condition is called sciatica, and its symptoms may include weakness or numbness in the lower back. T...
sports medicine, sciatic nerve, several days, near me, sciatica, pain, treatment - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 9 Months Ago

Signs Post-Surgical Pain Needs Further Attention
Still searching around for pain management doctors near me despite the fact you recently finished surgery that was supposed to help with your condition? Don’t worry, you are in good company. Surgery isn’t always the be all end all, so to speak. Below, we will break down some common signs that your post-surgical pain might need further attention. ...
surgical pain, post surgical, further attention, after surgery, surgery, pain, might - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 6 Months Ago

How to Work at Home with Chronic Neck Pain
Trying to get your done at home with chronic neck pain? Don’t worry, neck pain East Brunswick NJ is relatively common to have. Those who work on their computers are susceptible to this sort of pain. Below, we are going to break down some tips for helping you work at home despite having chronic neck pain. 1. Take Breaks Every 30 Minutes If you sit in t...
neck pain, chronic neck, pain treatment, every 30, pain, neck, chronic - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 4 Months Ago

Types of Chronic Pain Alleviated by the Use of a Brace
One of the reasons to see a pain clinic is for something like stem cell therapy East Brunswick NJ. However, before you consider a procedure like this, you might start by using braces. Below, we will describe 5 of the most common locations of chronic pain that can be treated with the use of a brace. 1. Back Pain Whether you have lower back pain that isn&rsquo...
chronic pain, knee pain, wrist pain, east brunswick, pain, chronic, brace - Posted by performancespineandsportsmedicine - Posted 2 Months Ago

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