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Which polymer is better for packaging PP or HDPE?
It depends on the requirement of the packing for the product whether for food items or for other use. Properties like chemical resistance, gas and moisture permeability of the packaging, impact strength, abrasion resistance, transparency, UV resistance, etc decides what material to used for packaging. Lastly the cost and aesthetic value also decide what mate...
very good, impact strength, g cm3, chemical resistance, resistance, pp, packaging - Posted by philiplam - Posted 1 Year Ago

Printed labels ? Development in technology
Labels form one of one of the most important sectors of the product packaging market and also have as a result end up being an integral component of any making system in almost every allied industry around the world. There was a time; ended up items when packaged required just a paint brush as well as black ink for making the vital markings on the packaged b...
printed labels, packaging market, up being, result end, labels, printed, up - Posted by philiplam - Posted 1 Year Ago

suggestions on printed labels
Printed labels stand for any type of business after the items with labels on it have reached everywhere across the globe. It would be a blunder to just name the products with the use of labels. If you take notice, labels have value much past what you can imagine. There are various suggestions that need to be followed in order to help labels benefit your busi...
label printing, various label, sticker labels, printed labels, labels, label, printing - Posted by philiplam - Posted 1 Year Ago

5 Types of Packaging
1.Shock MountFor items that are extremely fragile, shock mount packaging is one of the safest options. The packaging contains built-in shock absorption, protecting the contents from shock and vibration as well as humidity, dust, and moisture. This heavy-duty type of packaging is typically used for fragile electronic equipment, or unstable chemical compound...
shrink wrap, vacuum packaging, shock mount, shipping process, wrap, packaging, shrink - Posted by philiplam - Posted 1 Year Ago

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