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The Importance of Health Insurance for Women in Today’s World
In today's article, let's talk about the architects of society. The caregivers. The sacrificial. The strong. All synonymous to what women in today's day and age are known to be. In every sphere, women from diverse backgrounds are emerging to be navigators! We must applaud and safeguard them at all costs for the ones constantly in a relentles...
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All That You Should Know about Health Insurance Top-up Plans
A health insurance plan covers your needs during uncertainty. But what if the hospital bills exceed your insurance cover amount? Will you pay from your pocket? That’s where a top-up plan comes in handy. With it, you can avoid this situation.What are top-up plans in health insurance policies? How do they work? How they are di...
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Everything to Know about Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
Seniority brings with it a shoulder of responsibilities and duties towards your family and health. The age of sixty is not only the age of retirement but also the age of paying the utmost attention to your health. Don’t think you cannot perform more because you are crossing 60 of your age. Instead, welcome it because you are stepping into the...
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Coronavirus Health Insurance Policy - Buy Today for Your Health and Wealth
Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been in the news for months. Though its vaccine has been developed in India, including many other countries, staying prepared for any untoward circumstances is the need of demand. If you already have a health insurance policy, the point is whether your health care insurance will cover the novel coronavirus.What...
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Symptoms of New Coronavirus Strain You Should Know
Coronavirus! Name it, and a strain of panic fumbles around our body. Thank god the vaccines are now somewhat available. But don’t be careless as a new strain of coronavirus has been identified and it is spreading across the world like a wildfire.  The new strain COVID-19 has become a major concern. It was identified by the WHO, belonging...
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Health Insurance for HIV Patients | Cover360
WHO has long reigned Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV as a "global epidemic." As of 2018, 37.9 million people were living with HIV all over the world. Out of this, there were 2.1 million HIV patients in India. Yet, despite its increasing prevalence, insurance companies did not provide health insurance for HIV patients in India.This was not hel...
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6 Handy Tips to Buy an Appropriate Medical Health Insurance Policy
Are you on the lookout for buying medical insurance plans anytime soon? These 6 helpful tips will enable you to choose the right policy. Diseases that were critical, have become very common these days. This has given a reason to increase medical treatment costs, which may burn a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, having a medical insurance policy t...
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Family Floater health Insurance
Do you love your family? of course, you do! But have you done anything to secure and protect your dear family? It is time you opt for a family floater health insurance that would protect the health of your family at low premiums. As per the World Bank report, By 2015, health insurance coverage is supposed to cross 50% population...
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