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How Has COVID19 Changed Views on Online Food Order in Trains?
The government has liberated many of the lockdown norms, and hotels and restaurants in India have started incorporating several COVID-19 precautionary measures. The train services have also begun by Indian Railways to transport stranded migrants and people stuck in the lockdown to their home. But these passengers are facing difficulties in satiating their hu...
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7 Best Food in Train Options
There was something special about those childhood rail journeys when the windows of the train compartment were not blocked by double glass and the passengers sitting in the sleeper coach looked like a big family. How excitedly we looked forward to those visits when mom packed us special food to keep us covered! We still eat those foods on the train, but they...
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How to Find Local Trains Between Stations in India?
Indian Railways is one of the largest railway networks around the globe that operates more than 20,000 passenger trains daily. It operates on both suburban and long-distance routes covering  7,349 stations across India. There are a total of 16 zones in Indian Railways in which Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern, and Central are the most important zone...
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Which Is The Best App For Current Train Live Status?
If we talk about trains, it fills us all with childhood memories. Every vacation that came up with family trips and visiting cousins and relatives was never complete without a long train journey. Even long journeys passed quickly with casual plays and songs. Though, sometimes we have had to wait for a longer time due to delays and other reasons that bothered...
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How to Order Hygienic Food on Train Online
With the increasing popularity of trains, distances between places have become insignificant. From online ticket booking to providing details of trains, Indian Railways provides all the necessary facilities online to make passengers' journey hassle-free.Railways launched another department to provide food online. IRCTC - Indian Railways Catering and Tourism ...
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Order Healthy Food in Train From Railmitra
Since the dawn of civilization, humans have proved their nature as a nomadic species. There was a time when they used to roam here and there for food gathering and hunting. But today, people travel to explore new places, learn a new culture, and earn money. Many of them are travel addicts, and many are daily passengers. In other words, travelling has become ...
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How To Check Available Seats In Trains Between Stations?
Check Seat Availability In Trains Between StationsWant to know how to check and inquire about IRCTC Train Seat Availability? Are you planning to travel via train and want to book a ticket? To check seat availability and grab information about Train Route Information, first of all, do visit the IRCTC website and login to it. Enter the desired details a...
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How To Check Online Train Arrival Time At The Station?
All the railway stations of India give a sight of the influx of passengers strolling at the platform munching snacks, or someone with luggage waiting for their train, and the platform echoed with the loud pitch voice of vendors selling foods. Passengers thronged around TTE to know the arrival time of the train, to know if their ticket was confirmed and many ...
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How To Check Train Ticket Fare of Any Train on mobile?
Looking online to get an insight into IRCTC tickets with fare and timing? If you are late in booking you tend to change the classes and do the bookings again. But the main factor is the ticket fare. Railways provide the most number of seats in the sleeper, few less in 3 AC, 2AC, and fewer seats in 1AC. Whenever we get a glimpse of the...
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How To Get The Train Running Information With PNR Number?
Standing in a long line and waiting for your number to be called can be frustrating and time-consuming. Without having to go to the railway counters or support desks in the middle of a crowded train station for some train-related enquiry, you can conveniently go to your mobile phone and get all the details you need in an instant in silence. There are many pa...
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