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Freelance CCIE Data Center Jobs
The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Data Center job involves taking care of the routing protocols and features. The certified expert will identify and resolve any issues related to Layer 3 Overlay Protocols. The professional will manage the multicast protocols and monitoring services. The CCIE Data Center professional also designs the features of the dat...
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Freelance Outside Plant Engineer jobs
An Outside-Plant Engineer (OSP) plays a prominent role within the Telecom Industry. The primary responsibility of an OSP Engineer revolves around the construction and maintenance of plant infrastructure, design, and engineering as well as providing a route analysis of underground & aerial fiber optic installations. These engineers are the backbone of tel...
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Field Support Engineer
Support Engineers assist clients in solving complex technical issues. They employ practices intended to reduce the occurrence of network connectivity issues. This position, however, includes a clear demarcation of various duties that all come under this job purview. Job tasks include the following responsibilities:‍A Field Support Engineer must respond...
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Data Center Operator
Data Center Operators ensure that mainframes and large computers are functioning efficiently in a data center organization. Their job is to ensure that network servers are running well, and need to escalate issues centers face to data center managers.A data center is a dedicated facility with networked computers where organizations arrange, process, store,...
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Cisco Certified Network Associate Engineer salary and career
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a widely accepted industry certification. It was developed by Cisco Systems to identify the primary skills in installation and support of medium-sized networks. This certification authenticates the ability to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot routed & switched systems. The certified professionals use...
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Exchange server administrator Definition, salary and More
An Exchange Server Administrator is accountable for replying to the client’s queries for services. The Microsoft Exchange administrators are answerable for standardizing the tasks through the multiple accounts within a group while providing a knowledge transmission, also training the subordinates in the department. The administrator also creates differ...
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contingent definition
In today’s On-Demand Economy (ODE) the term “contingent worker”, “workforce” or “contractor” are common terms to hear in a workplace or see in a job posting. This terminology refers to temporary employees within the corporate world. Just like a subcontractor may be hired to complete a maintenance or repair problems, ...
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Wintel Engineer Description, Salary, Job Role
When PCs or laptops based on the Intel microprocessor run a Microsoft Windows operating system, we generically refer to such architectures as Wintel. People who work in such environments by supporting users and resolving their issues are Wintel Engineers.These engineers configure and install all server hardware, including the Windows OS and products procur...
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CCNP Data Center Job Description
The CCNP Data Center professionals will handle any issues related to unified computing, data center security and cloud integration. They have to oversee the installation of MST, RSTP, and port channels. The professionals will also take care of the implementation of OTV, LISP, VXLAN, and Cisco Fabric Path. They must be well-versed with multicast, routing and ...
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Find Freelance Computer Tape Librarian
The librarian forms the backbone of organizations such as IT, Telecom and Datacenters. They are highly specialized in the maintaining, organizing, coordinating, cataloging and filing of archived data. They tape librarian should perform basic duties per documented processes and procedures of an organization.As an integral part of the organization, the libra...
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