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How to Realize New Technology of High Temperature Industry Refractory Matetial
High-temperature industrial and refractory material industry has a close relationship, refractory is not only the implementation of high-temperature industrial new technology assurance, and refractories must first. Although the development of new high-temperature refractory materials for furnace industrial technology can promote the progress of ref...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

Features, Classifications and Applications of Fused Cast Refractories
Fused cast refractories are manufactured by melting mixtures of raw materials in an electric furnace at a temperature exceeding 2000°C. Then cast the melt into molds of prescribed shapes. Finally cool and solidify them under thermal insulation in many cases. High density, small or large shapes are obtained. When appropriate, a finish work of drillin...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

Advanced insulation material ceramic fiber blanket that used for industrial furn
Ceramic fiber blanket, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blanket. Because one of the main components is alumina, and alumina is the main component of ceramic, so it is called ceramic fiber blanket. Ceramic fiber blanket is made by special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament with a special double-sided acupuncture process. Double-sided acupuncture pr...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

Electric Furnace Gunning Mix---Refractory Castable---Refractory Material---Chang
Electric Furnace Gunning MixIntroduction and Application:Electric furnace gunning mix with magnesia based and magnesia-calcium based material, binder and sintering agent, is characterized by high bonding strength, strong corrosion resistance and non-spalling. When hot repairing temperature is higher than 1000℃, hot repairing effect is good and adhesi...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

Relevance and Prospect of Refractory Materials Clean Steel Continuous Casting
In the production of clean steel, often use aluminum for deep deoxidation, resulting in high melting point of Al2O3, easy to remove, usually by refractory brick the shape of inclusions to purify the molten steel, the appropriate refractory material can achieve this purpose, such as refractory CaO can react with Al2O3 to produce compound compound Ca...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

coil grout, red coil grout, induction furnace refractories, furnace coil grout -
Coil GroutIntroduction and Advantages:This coil grout is a grouting compound to coat coils in induction furnaces. Coil grout is required to be mixed with water and then applied by trowelling. Coil grout will provide a smooth surface to the slip plane medium, in order to allow uninhibited expansion and contraction of the working lining.Application:Coil gr...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 2 Years Ago

Ladle Castable, ladle castables, Refractory Castable - Changxing Refractory
Ladle Castable, ladle castables, Refractory Castable - Changxing RefractoryLadle CastablesIntroduction:Based on low-cement castable and superfine powder technologies, our company developed the series of castables for ladles to meet the operation conditions of various ladles. The castables are made by setting up scientific optimization of ingredients and ...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 2 Years Ago

What is refractory castable
Refractory castable is premixed combinations of refractory aggregates, matrix components or modifiers, bonding agents, and admixtures. It is classified in several ways. It is based on chemistries which separates the refractory castable based on alumina and alumino-silicate aggregates such as magnesite and dolomite.Refractory aggregates constitute...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 2 Years Ago

Ladle Gunning Mix---gunning mass---refractory castable
Ladle Gunning MixIntroduction:According to the gunning characteristics of gunning mixes and considering the destructibility of slag lines and easily worn parts of ladles, our company specially developed HT series of gunning mixes with the unique binding agent and additives.Advantages:1. Strong adhesion, 2. Low rebounding rate, 3. Easy-sintering, 4. Excel...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 2 Years Ago

Performance Analysis of Carbon - containing Refractories
Carbon refractories magnesia carbon brick because of its good slag resistance and thermal shock stability and become an important one of the refractory material system. The performance of carbon-containing refractories depends to a large extent on the carbon structure formed by the carbonaceous bonding system. Its structure and properties directly ...
Posted by refractory material - Posted 3 Years Ago

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