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Rob Crank

I am a Manager at Automotive Industry in Manchester, Uk
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Published 4 Days Ago
Suspect a Clogged Oil Filter? Here’s How to Determine It
Do you know the internal dangers to an automobile's engine? There is a good chance that one part could be damaged

Published 17 Days Ago
What To Do If You Find Yourself With An Overheated Engine?
The engine manipulates heat as it transforms natural energy into kinetic energy. However, overheating is a possibility that is always present.

Published 1 Month Ago
Is an Automatic Transmission Less Fuel Efficient Than a Manual Transmission? Let’s Find Out!
There has been a significant advancement in the space of automobiles in recent years. Introduction of automatic transmission is one such phenomenon.

Published 1 Month Ago
The Most Common Reasons for a Car Oil Leakage
It doesn't matter if there are just a few drops or a substantial puddle; this raises some sort of concern in the mind. You can afford to ignore the oil leak, but you should never try to put it off completely while keeping in mind the repercussions.

Published 2 Months Ago
Top 6 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacing
There is a vast list of features that genuinely rely on the battery. They range from the stereo, lights, power windows, navigation systems, electric power steering, power locks, and so on. These electronic features require the power of a battery to work p

Published 2 Months Ago
Essential steps to follow if you get stranded on a highway
What is that sound? You suddenly hear at the front of your car under the hood. It may be the worst nightmare to be stranded in a broke down car while you are on the road. A car might break down during a ride on the highway. Whether it is a flat tyre or a