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Published 1 Year Ago
How To Decide Between BBA And B.Tech?
Life often puts you at crossroads, standing where you cannot decide what you really need to do. The same happens when you have to make a career decision and choose between two alluring undergraduate courses.

Published 1 Year Ago
5 Amazing Career Opportunities for Students with BSc Agriculture Degree
BSc in agriculture is basically a 4-year program where a student gets involved in the study of agriculture science, usage of modern tools and technologies, water resource management, etc.

Published 1 Year Ago
Opportunities for Pharma Students in 2021
2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for the world and continues to be. COVID-19 has completely transformed our way of living and our career choices as well.

Published 1 Year Ago
Why MBA After Engineering Is Worth It?
One of the most common career paths that we often observe graduates take right after completing their graduation in engineering is to enrol for a masterís degree in business administration.

Published 2 Years Ago
What Makes The Hospitality Industry A Unique Career Path?
Gone were the days when men and women used to join the hospitality industry just for a time pass or a temporary job. They somehow never took this industry or profile seriously. But according to the experts of the top private university in Rajasthan.