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Your Safeguards to Check Fake Motor Policies
Insurance frauds have been prevalent over the years, and fact is that it cannot be completely eliminated. Various estimates claim that the Indian general insurance industry would be losing between Rs. 2,500-3,500 crore in a year due to such frauds. Evidently, it would be disappointing for a customer to discover that the motor insurance policy purchased by t...
proposal form, premium payment, various estimates, toll free, policy, insurance, claim - Posted by sanjay - Posted 15 Hours Ago

Things you should consider while buying two wheeler cover
A bike is one of the most prized possessions people own in India. For some it’s a symbol of prosperity and while other see it as the most valuable asset to commute daily or perform their responsibilities towards family or friends. Bike is the easiest way to commute and probably the most efficient also. But protecting our bikes from unfortunate incidenc...
wheeler insurance, insurance companies, 2 wheeler, insurance policy, insurance, bike, wheeler - Posted by sanjay - Posted 4 Months Ago

How to get the best car insurance deal in India?
Insurance is a mandatory act in India. Anyone who drives any form of vehicle needs to have proper insurance in place. You’re obliged by law to buy one. There various general insurance companies who offer hundreds of customized policies for people. Many people are often confused on which is the best car insurance policy that will suit as per their needs...
best car, car insurance, car coverage, vehicle needs, policy, insurance, car - Posted by sanjay - Posted 5 Months Ago

How To Port Your Existing Bike Insurance Online
It is true that two-wheelers are the fastest mode of transportation when you need to drive through dense traffic on Indian roads. You cannot ignore the fact that two-wheelers are more vulnerable to road accidents compared to any other vehicles on roads. To avoid such accident and to ensure protection of your bike from accidents and other related damages and...
wheeler insurance, insurance policy, insurance plan, bike insurance, wheeler, policy, insurance - Posted by sanjay - Posted 17 Days Ago

The best way to get right car cover is to compare it…
A car is one of the prized possessions in an individual’s life. But a mere cloth wiping or servicing won’t help you protect your car from the unforeseen events like accidents, or theft, fire, etc. A car insurance policy is what one wants to protect the financial risks. Car insurance means protecting yourself against the financial risk involved wh...
car insurance, insurance companies, compare car, insurance policy, insurance, car, compare - Posted by sanjay - Posted 3 Months Ago

Bike Insurance Protection
Bike protection scope is fundamentally the same concerning car scope - however there are some minor contrasts. Risk. Most states oblige motorcyclists to convey a base measure of obligation if there should arise an occurrence of outsider wounds; however protection specialists prescribe acquiring as much as three times the base in this season of costly prose...
insurance protection, bike insurance, scope repays, same concerning, scope, protection, bike - Posted by sanjay - Posted 7 Months Ago

Six Reasons To Opt For Buy Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Online
One of the common reasons why most of two wheelers in the country is remains uninsured is that people generally forget to renew it. Though the premium that is required to be paid may be very low but remembering the date of renewal is a hassle. Because of this aforesaid reason the industry few years back started offering long term two wheeler insurance plans...
long term, wheeler insurance, third party, six reasons, long, wheeler, term - Posted by sanjay - Posted 23 Days Ago

How to protect yourself financially during third party loss?
Imagine you’re  riding happily in your dream car and suddenly a truck may overtake and you may lose your balance and ramp up into someone’s property or person causing injury to them.  Firstly, you won’t be able to justify your point that it was the truck driver’s fault who left away and secondly, you will have to pay the exp...
third party, party insurance, up into, riding happily, third, party, insurance - Posted by sanjay - Posted 2 Months Ago

How to Reinstate Two Wheeler Insurance Plans?
Accidents or thefts not only take a toll on your life and health, but also your money, in case your vehicle is involved. This is where two wheeler insurance comes into play. Insurances have become mandatory for a good reason. There is a high chance that you will bear a great financial trouble in case your two wheeler is involved in an accident, theft or dama...
wheeler insurance, insurance plans, plans online, lower premiums, wheeler, insurance, reason - Posted by sanjay - Posted 14 Days Ago

Protect your haven with a suitable insurance cover…
Owning a dream home will costs lot of money. The mortgage loan itself will eat up a big chunk of your finances towards monthly installment. Besides property taxes, furnishing etc. would erode your monthly finances further. However, imagine that there is a terrible earthquake and your house falls down like a pack of cards, else burglar breaks in and steal the...
insurance policy, home insurance, premium costs, house insurance, policy, insurance, house - Posted by sanjay - Posted 1 Day Ago

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