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Importance of taking a third party two wheeler insurance
Considering the high incidence of motor accidents in India, IRDA has mandated the third party two-wheeler insurance cover for all two-wheeler owners. Hence, you are required by law to buy an insurance policy covering third party damages if you own a two-wheeler. However, due to lack of awareness, many either do not buy insurance, or do not renew the policy a...
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Some factors to consider while picking up your best health plan?
It is rightly said “Health is wealth”, without good health a person cannot work hard, earn money and prosper in life. It is important a person should take care of his or her health time-on-time to keep themselves fit enough. However, due to growing uncertainties, environmental degradation, hectic lifestyle an individual can grapple with critical ...
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The best way to protect your dream is to insure it?
Purchasing home is like a dream come true for most of the Indians. It’s the heavenly place on earth which you dream to own or construct with your hard earned money. However, imagine there is some natural calamity such as fire, storm earthquake and your house gets damaged, else there is a burglary in your house and your entire valuable gets stolen. For ...
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Why it?s important to buy a vehicle protection cover?
In India, it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance at least a third party cover if you wish to drive any form of motor on road. The face of motor insurance cover has changed a lot in today’s time from traditional agent-based insurance purchase to online direct response approach.  Thus, it has helped to build a positive view on the entire concept ...
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Long Term Motorbike Insurance Online - How It Works
Insurance, primarily, operates on several principles. The reason that insurance is such a lucrative business is because there are large numbers of entities susceptible to loss that can be insured?Insurers seek to cater to members within a large Class. For example, the class of people owning Long Term Motorbike Insurance Online is vast, therefore that is an...
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How to buy the best medical insurance plan?
In the insurance market there are plenty of health insurance products that are sold. For an individual it becomes highly difficult to choose which plan is the best for him and the members of his family. Moreover it is also necessary to choose a medical plan which is affordable and it doesn’t eat up your saving. There are a few factors that are related ...
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Two wheeler insurance: A key factor to protect your bike
As a rule being implemented by Indian Traffic Law, 1988 it is mandatory to own atleast a third party two wheeler insurance if you wish to drive your prized possession on the road. Incase you drive without a suitable insurance cover it could attract heavy penalties. When you own a suitable cover you have a sense of security in your mind while riding your bike...
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Understanding your medical insurance policy?
Buying medical insurance is a must for a responsible family oriented person in today’s time of growing uncertainties. But purchasing the right medical plan could be quite a daunting task, with a lot of conflicting information doing the rounds in the market. Thus, the article gives few facts about medical plans that should dispel the confusion in consum...
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How to select a right car insurance plan?
Trouble comes uninformed hence even an experienced driver cannot avoid the risk factor while driving. Even a minor accident or a slight bump on the car can result in the heavy repair costs. The only way one can be prepared against such circumstances   that can cause heavy losses is to buy a car insurance policy. Car insurance covers the individual ...
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Be Prepared To Fight Cancer
Treating cancer isn’t easy not only because it is a painful journey for the patient but also because it burns a hole in your pocket and exhausts your savings. Cancer treatment is expensive especially in advanced stages. Surgery, drugs and diagnostic expenses are high. Most of the cancer cases are detected in the later stage. Around 45% of families who ...
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