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SolarCity expects 1GW solar module production target to be reached in early 2017
Despite construction of its first 1GW integrated PV module assembly plant being slowed due to heavy snow falls in Buffalo, New York State, SolarCity said when releasing record full-year results that it expects tool install to begin in early 2016. SolarCity, the largest residential PV installer in the US also noted that it still expected to reach full ...
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Dell Boosts Renewables Electricity Consumption to 35%
(Photo by:2KW Solar Inverter)Computer maker Dell says its FY14 Corporate Responsibility Report details a strong start to its 2020 "Legacy For Good" plan.     The Legacy For Good initiative sets a rather lofty goal:     "The good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it."     In FY14, ...
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aircraft recycling offers potential for 7075 aluminum plate
Worldwide, nearly a thousand major aircraft are due for disposal each year and yet the industry is 'short of procedural methods' for recycling them, especially 7075 aluminum plate because 70% of the aircraft made by aluminum. According to Prof. Dr Joerg Woidasky of Pforzheim University in Germany.However, “the field of aircraft recycling is de...
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A beautiful story about stainless steel plate
Maybe it's my experience rich than others, so, it would be more interesting experience .Of course, these experiences not only with a history of deep regret, it is saturated with a lot of bitterness, sadness and tears of life.A month ago, suddenly to a visitor in the office.It was I was in group a girl child.At the invitation of innocent and lively child...
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DIY Solar Panels Kits - New Energy Possibilities For Your Home!
Today you're going to find out what the best DIY solar panel kits for homes are…You are also going to be given basic instructions for building your own pv mounting system for a little less than $250, that may scale back your electricity bill by at least eighty percent, and even more if you cut back on needless energy waste due to leaving lights on...
Posted by sanny111 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Saudi Developer ACWA to Build Record Low Cost Solar Plant
(Img Source:solar micro inverter)ACWA Power, a Saudi Arabia-based water and power developer, is building a 260MW solar photovoltaic plant in Dubai for a record low cost of US$.058 per kWh, as PV power continues to become more competitive with other forms of energy.That’s how much it will receive as a fixed tariff over 25 years for what will be ...
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Generating Solar Power Panel At home
(Img Source:5000w inverter)A solar electric power panel to energy up appliances at your house is often fairly costly for those who are getting almost everything from a retailer. However it is possible to cut the cost for those who make your mind up to help make your photo voltaic energy panel in the home. That is less complicated than it seems and when y...
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Solar Panels Changing the Face of Brisbane
(Img Source:40w led panel light)The city of Brisbane sits in one of the richest solar generation spots in Australia and so the city is blessed with the right conditions to create the installation of solar panels quite viable. The nearby government of Brisbane has shown complete support to the adaptation of renewable power sources, particularly solar, to co...
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The right way to Clean up Chrome steel Jewelry
You can find numerous different things which have been constructed from chrome steel. This will be as a result of chrome steel is extremely long lasting, affordable, and simple to scrub. Amongst the several things that are made of chrome steel are kitchen appliances, sinks, pots and pans, and of course, jewellery. Jewellery may be much easier to scrub than a...
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Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co Ltd? History
 Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co.,Ltd(CSTN), a national high-tech enterprise, focuses its business on R&D and manufacture of tantalum,niobium,and tantalum and tungsten alloy materials and products since 2000.Since&...
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