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Manchester United's trip to Chelsea serves up a game that could define both clubs' seasons.David Moyes' men travel to Stamford Bridge knowing a loss could be fatal to their hopes of qualifying for next season's Champions League. Buy FIFA 14 Coins, however, would see the Red Devils make up two points on Liverpool, who were forced to salvage a 2-2 home dra...
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A Realm Reborn ? Erste Infos zu Patch 2.2
Square Enix wird das Online-Rollenspiel “Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn” auch im neuen Jahr mit weiteren Neuerungen versorgen. In einer aktuellen Meldung teilte Square Enix einige Infos zum kommenden Patch 2.2 und der PS4-Beta mit.Demnach werden die Entwickler und Programmierer mit dem neuen Patch einen neuen Primae ins Spiel bringen. In ...
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I?ve never really enjoyed FFXIV 1.0. Through alpha
I’ve never really enjoyed FFXIV 1.0. Through alpha, beta, and release, the one criticism that Saikyo and myself constantly come up with is that the game really isn’t fun. ffxiv arr gil, it’s beautiful — if you like various barren landscapes full of different shades of rock — but in terms of actual gameplay the only thing tha...
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Facing facers in FFXIV's Sunken Temple of Qarn
In every MMO there's one dungeon that heralds the end of sleeping on your keyboard being a valid combat strategy, and, in Final Fantasy XIV, that dungeon is The Sunken Temple of Qarn. These ruins come complete with triggering platforms, murderous bees, deadly lasers, and boss fights sporting hefty, nonnegotiable "don't stand there" phases. Join Massive...
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Flex Your Final Fantasy Muscle
Alright gang! Time for something a little different. Think you’re a Final Fantasy Hero? Well now it’s time to prove it! Take the Final Fantasy quiz below and see where you score--ffxiv goldRemember, it’s just a bit of Halloween fun so behave in the comments! Some may be easy, some may not but hopefully you’ll learn something y...
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Square-Enix opens its servers
It seems that even though things are not arranged any means, gradually the situation is returning to normal in the land of the rising sun. As a measure of energy savings to misfortune is happening in Japan from March 11, Square-Enix, among other companies, servers shut Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV . While the suspension would last at least a we...
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A Realm Reborn release date announced
Square Enix is pleased to announce today the release date to the much awaited MMO on both the PS3 and PC; Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is scheduled for release this August 27th on both the PS3 and PC. As with all MMOs, the game will come in two editions; the standard edition where the PS3 version will retail fo...
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Grand Companies Detailed
In Final Fantasy XIV, there are three military factions that protects Eorzea; the Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, the Immortal Flames of Ul’dah, and The Order of the Twin Adder of Gridania.ffxiv gold These three factions are called Grand Companies in the game where you will be given a chance to enlist after reaching a certain point in the story.As...
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FFXIV was acting as saves square enix
In the morning, I found a article about final fantasy xiv from online, share it with you. On the projections set forth by Square Enix that showed FFXIV was acting as a saving grace for a flailing Square Enix. Those were only projections though. Today, Square Enix released their financial report for the last 9 months (ending December 2013) and it seems ...
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FFXIV Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5 Temporarily Down
Recently, we heard a news that ffxiv binding coil of bahamut turn 5 temporarily down and is not available. The developers of ffxiv said it may be can not available until October 15th. According to Square Enix, the fifth and final turn for the dungeon has encountered an issue “wherein the monster becomes immobilized under certain circumstances&rdqu...
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