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satyanand Hospital
Old Age Home in Pune
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Falls, a problem that forces you to keep the senior citizens under constant obse
Do you know what the prime health concern for senior citizens is? Falls, a problem when they collapse suddenly without even realizing it.Studies say that the problem begins at the age of 65 or more. The issue turns severe in the age group above 80.The consequences of a fall can be a minor ligament injury to multiple fractures. Sometimes, it could be a tr...
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What are the things that an old age home must provide?
Elderly people living alone can manage the things until they are fit and fine. However, emotional breakdown, suddenly erupting ailments or accidents make the things difficult.You find someone who can offer home care. It is a service given by a personal caregiver or a company.Though it is a better arrangement, there are limitations here. You may not get r...
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Old age homes in India need regulations to ensure better living conditions
India is a young nation, but that doesn’t mean there are no senior people. The only thing is their presence gets overshadowed by the huge population of energetic and brisk youth.Statistics say that 105 Million people are above 60 years of age in India. Indeed it is a big number. More importantly, it is going to rise at a constant pace.So far their ...
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Things you do not know about assisted living
Do you know what all is covered by an institute that offers Assisted living in Pune?Surely you do not know about it because the concept of assisted living itself it is not quite common in India.If you are searching for an assisted living center for your dear one, then you should be clear about the responsibilities of the caretaking staff.You should be ...
assisted living, living center, nursing home, elderly care, nursing, living, home - Posted by satyanand - Posted 3 Years Ago

More centers for elderly care are needed in India
There is perhaps no other country in the world that has seen such a significant change in the socio-economic structure during the past few decades.Once upon a time, joint families used to exist in our country. With the economic development, these joint families disintegrated into nuclear families.Since job opportunities are available in the big cities an...
elderly care, senior citizens, training programs, joint families, care, elderly, geriatric - Posted by satyanand - Posted 3 Years Ago