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Westlake Homes Likely a Good Investment, Americans Report
Buying a home in Westlake Hills, also known as Westlake, probably would be a good financial decision, according to a survey of Americans, who reported in the greatest numbers since 2007 that now is a good time to buy a home. The National Association of Realtors®’ 2017 National Housing Pulse Survey reported that 84 percent of Americans believe tha...
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Westlake Homebuyers Receive Update on Bee Cave Road Construction
Those considering a Westlake home for sale may have questions about the ongoing construction along Bee Cave Road, which is also known as RM 2244 and is a main thoroughfare for Westlake homes and for the Lake Austin and West Austin corridor. As many Westlake homes for sale require commutes along this popular road, as well as many Eanes Independent School Dist...
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Buyers for Westlake Homes for Sale Take Advantage of Lower Interest Rates
 Buyers interested in Westlake homes for sale have good news for financing, as mortgage rates reached their lowest point of the year during the week that ended September 8, 2017, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association and Realtor® Magazine. This was also good news for those looking to refinance their Westlake homes to lower interest rates.B...
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Beating the Heat in Westlake Hills
For prospective luxury home buyers searching the Westlake Hills area, a few of the primary considerations of home ownership have already been resolved. The location, the price range of the Westlake Hills luxury home market, perhaps the desired square footage of the home, are all important factors in choosing the right luxury home in the right area. But after...
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Football Excellence: Home Field at Westlake High School
Westlake High School in Westlake Hills, Texas is home to one of the elite high school football programs in the Austin metropolitan area, a program so highly regarded that parents of aspiring young football players have been known to search Westlake Hills for homes for sale in order to get their students into the Eanes Independent School District, and for goo...
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Eanes Independent School District: Home of Westlake High School
For families searching for homes for sale in Westlake Hills, the area’s inclusion in the Eanes Independent School District makes the area even more desirable. The entire K-12 system is consistently rated highly by the State of Texas, and some individual schools are among the highest ranked in the area. However, the gem that makes its home in Eanes ISD ...
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Homes for Books: Libraries near Westlake Hills, Texas
There are many benefits to living in Westlake Hills, Texas, and for those searching for homes for sale in Westlake, the great libraries of the Austin metropolitan area are just another perk. In many cities across the United States, budget cuts have severely impacted the public library systems, limiting the acquisition of new materials and leading to reduced ...
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Find Your Physical Fitness Home near Westlake Hills, Texas
Whether one is a physical fitness enthusiast or a weekend warrior, a great perk to any living situation is close proximity to a fitness center or gym, and for those searching for homes for sale in Westlake Hills, Texas, there are numerous options in workout facilities in the immediate area. There are a number of country clubs with private workout facilities ...
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Three Reasons Why Westlake Is The Best Place to Live near Austin, Texas
Westlake Hills, Texas, is a suburb of Austin and offers many desirable options for those searching for luxury homes for sale in the Austin metropolitan area. While Westlake luxury homes generally are a sound investment option, the quality of life in the Westlake area makes it a great place to live. Here are three reasons why Westlake Hills, Texas makes a ter...
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Community Fellowship and Worship in Westlake Hills, Texas
There are many perks to relocating to Westlake Hills, Texas, and investing in Westlake Hills luxury homes, which are often majestic structures built on spacious and beautiful properties in close proximity to downtown Austin. Residents need not travel far for shopping, good schools, or recreation, but for religious families, another major consideration is the...
westlake hills, real estate, presbyterian church, neumann catholic, westlake, hills, church - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 4 Years Ago

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