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Brian Talley

Brian Talley

Joined: July 14th, 2016
Articles Posted: 21


Three Reasons Why Westlake Is The Best Place to Live near Austin, Texas
Westlake Hills, Texas, is a suburb of Austin and offers many desirable options for those searching for luxury homes for sale in the Austin metropolitan area. While Westlake luxury homes generally are a sound investment option, the quality of life in the Westlake area makes it a great place to live. Here are three reasons why Westlake Hills, Texas makes a ter...
westlake hills, why westlake, three reasons, reasons why, westlake, austin, texas - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 2 Days Ago

Shopping Local in Bee Cave, Texas
When the hustle and bustle of Austin city life loses its appeal, prospective home buyers often look  to the suburbs and to the City of Bee Cave, Texas, a charming small town west of Austin near Westlake Hills. Bee Cave luxury homes are far enough away from Austin proper to provide the peace and quiet of country living, yet close enough for a short commu...
bee cave, hill country, country galleria, real estate, galleria, shopping, cave - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 1 Month Ago

Things to Keep in Mind before Painting Your Home
With the right colors you can transform your home into a magical place, but use the wrong combination of colors and get ready to be ridiculed by your friends, neighbors and every guest who visits your house. Painting your house does sound like a tough job, but with a little bit of planning and imagination you can make your home beautiful and inviting. There ...
real estate, color scheme, end up, wrong combination, colors, house, color - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 7 Months Ago

Public Golf Courses near Westlake Hills and Bee Cave, Texas
Golf enthusiasts looking for luxury homes for sale near Westlake Hills and Bee Cave can rest assured they will find ample golf courses. While there is a plethora of country clubs and private golf courses surrounding Westlake Hills and Bee Cave, there also are a good number of public courses. An advantage to playing a public course is that anyone may reserve ...
westlake hills, bee cave, near westlake, golf courses, golf, westlake, public - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 2 Months Ago

Tips for House Hunters
It feels like a pure bliss when you move into your own home sweet home. Who does not want to have his own home, but like any home buyer you too perhaps know that the process of home buying is full of hassles. From the moment you decide to begin house hunting till the moment you sign the papers and take the keys, it is a long, tedious journey. There are thing...
real estate, house hunting, own home, move into, house, home, walls - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 8 Months Ago

Off-Leash Dog Parks near Westlake
For dog owners, one of the wonderful things about living in Austin, Texas is an abundance of designated off-leash recreation areas located all around town. For residents of Westlake Hills, trails throughout the Barton Creek Greenbelt make great options for on-leash walks, but sometimes our furry friends yearn to run free, chase a ball, frolic with other dogs...
off leash, dog park, red bud, real estate, park, dog, austin - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 3 Months Ago

Public Schools in Westlake Hills: Excellence in Eanes ISD
When planning a move, the quality of local public schools is a major consideration. Families thinking about investing in a Westlake Hills home can check this qualification off their list, as the local Eanes Independent School District ranks among the top districts in the nation, with a few particularly exceptional standouts in each grade range.Among elementa...
high school, westlake hills, west ridge, real estate, school, schools, state - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 3 Months Ago

Why Should You Rent Out Your Old Home?
The real estate market often goes through ups and downs, so as a buyer, you always have to be prepared to deal with the volatile situation. Now the market is quite stable and it is a good time to buy one of the magnificent Lake Austin Homes. You will love the natural view of the place, the fun activities you could do on the lake and the community itself.Howe...
rent out, real estate, renting out, old home, rent, out, home - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 7 Months Ago

Finalists Announced for Westlake Chamber of Commerce Awards
The Westlake Hills Chamber of Commerce in Westlake Hills, Texas has announced its finalists for the annual Westlake Hills Westie Awards, which honor the “best and brightest” members of this Austin-area city for their community and philanthropic endeavors and their economic impact. The finalists were announced at the annual holiday festival known ...
westlake 2016, westlake hills, westlake area, real estate, westlake, finalists, year - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 4 Months Ago

Remodeling Can Help You Reignite the Old Charm
Have you been through a neighborhood and upon seeing a beautiful but old house standing amidst snazzy new homes wished to transform it? Well, there are many people like you who know the true value of such homes. It is true that with time most houses start to develop cracks in places, the paint starts fading and the floorboards start creaking. But that does n...
real estate, remodeling contractor, old house, old charm, house, flooring, old - Posted by searchwestlakehomes - Posted 8 Months Ago

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